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Must Watch 2021 Chinese Xianxia Drama ‘Ancient Love Poetry’

Have you ever assume a drama would be horrible but then change your thoughts about it?

The big cast lineup of “Ancient Love Poetry” led by Dong Yu keeps the popularity of “Eternal Jue Dust” high, but the high popularity has also caused heated discussions. “The voice actress is distracting”… Some netizens thought after following the drama, “Zhou Dongyu can act in a movie film, but she cannot control the rhythm of a TV drama.”

This “genius” actress who is good at portraying characters on the big screen has repeatedly suffered retrogrades on the small screen. In “Eternal Jue Dust“, there is Bai Ju who has been deeply affectionate for thousands of years, the ancients who sacrificed themselves for the common people, and the apocalypse who lost the world to protect one person… In the eyes of many viewers, the three generations of entanglement and love between the male and female lead. The plot is moving, and the inferiority of the villain Wu Huan and Xuan Yi’s self are pitiful.

“The characters in the play are all straight ball players’, with a clear attitude towards characters and events, strong action, and a strong sense of refreshment.” Li Zhenru, the screenwriter of the play, said that when shaping these characters, he started based on the personal settings in the novel. Combined with the development of the plot, the role was partially adapted. One of the original books and the screenwriter thinks that the characters become more figurative after the adaptation, such as the corner of Bai Jue. “The description of the image of Bai Jue in the first life in the book is vague, and it depends on everyone’s imagination. And this drama vividly shows the character’s emotion and personality. In particular, the expression of emotions at different stages: First The stage is restraint, the second stage is passionate, and the third stage is desperate tolerance.”

Compared with the novel “Early Ancient Times”, “Eternal Age of Jue Chen” reproduces many “famous scenes” in the novel, and also adjusts the sequence of many stories in the novel. For example, in the novel, the female did not marry the male lead before entering the Shenyin Mountain, but in the drama, the two have completed the “marriage.” In fact, it is precise because of the two people’s “restraint” that it makes the audience feel more distressed and more able to connect with the drama. It’s not just love that is brought to everyone. Behind the love, it is more a manifestation of divinity and humanity. The producer said that the audience can see the trust and friendship of the four true gods in addition to personal emotions.

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Written by Lina Zhou

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