3 Best Suspense Chinese Dramas That Must Watch

Brain-burning drama that emphasizes time, space, and suspenseful reasonin

Don’t like watching soap opera dramas? No problem, here are 3 high-scoring brain-burning dramas, some are nested in time and space, and some suspenseful inferences are repeatedly reversed. From ancient to urban science fiction puzzle-solving, I have prepared them one by one and all three of them include English subs at OnDemand China. Choose the one that you favor the most!

1. “The Longest Day In Chang’an

In ancient times, people divided a day into twelve hours: Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu, and Hai. Each hour is equivalent to our current two hours. The biggest feature of this drama is that it highly restores the ancient capital of Chang’an, which is close to reality. It also reproduces the afterglow of the prosperous age. The majority of netizens have said that since the drama “Twelve Hours in Chang’an”, they have been fascinated by the Tang dynasty and the suspense. The combination has produced a strong interest for audiences.

 2. “The Fearless

“No. 11 Lingyi Street” is composed of 5 units, breaking the genre of previous Taiwanese dramas, using medical treatment, funerals, and suspense as themes to find out the truth from different death cases, finding answers to questions about life, and matching them The funeral customs in Taiwan present the truest folk appearance. In addition to discussing the topic of death, the play also brings out the original intentions of “death is not terrible”. It is the inseparable emotional connection between people and the path to self-growth. If you are into darker themed dramas, you’ll definitely love this one!

     3. “Last One Standing

The super web drama “Last One Standing” is an exploration of a brand-new genre and will create a precedent for domestic genre dramas. The drama tells the story of Luo Ran and his friend Ning Yu together to trace the truth about the accidental death of his wife. Unexpectedly, the train they were on derailed on the way, and more than a hundred surviving passengers strayed into the deserted and ruined city. The city is full of crises, supplies are scarce, survivors continue to die or disappear. Troubles continue to challenge the limits of people’s survival. A true and cruel “survival race” has quietly begun. Conspiracy, suspicion, betrayal, and complex human struggles are staged in a mysterious empty city.

Have you found which one fits your taste the most? Don’t wait! watch it free with English subs at OnDemand China!

Written by Lina Zhou

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