3 highlights of “Fall in Love”!

3 highlights of “Love at First Sight”! These will definitely persuade you to watch this Chinese Drama!

Chen Xingxu, Zhang Jingyi, and this article share the 3 highlights of “Fall in Love“, laughing, tearing, sweet and cruel are too exciting!

Fall in Love” Aspect 1: The romantic story of the warlord young marshal and the chaebol daughter in troubled times

The romantic drama “Fall in Love” is set in the turbulent era of the early 20th century, and tells the love story of Tan Xuanlin, the young marshal of the Tan Jiajun, and Mu Wanqing, the daughter of the first chaebol in the troubled Shanghai.

The warlord Young Marshal Tan Xuanlin (played by Chen Xingxu) and the down-and-out chaebol daughter Mu Wanqing (played by Zhang Jingyi) formed “Tan Qing Said Love CP” in the play. From the beginning, they each had their own goals, so they cooperated to get what they needed, and then gradually developed love over time. , the sweet and cruel plot is also one of the highlights!

The plot tells the story of Mu Wanqing, who traveled to Japan for ten years because of the breakup of her parents, and returned to China with her mother’s ashes for burial. On the surface, she defected to her father, but in fact, she wanted to find out the truth about the death of her brother who caused her parents to break up. The Shanghai city defense chief Tan Xuanlin, who was the mutiny, has been excluded because of his humble background, and his situation after the counterattack is still on thin ice. Although Xu Guangyao (Lin Yanjun), the only son of the commander of Yuecheng, is the darling of the stars, he is very disgusted with the power struggle in the officialdom.

Fall in Love” Highlight 2: Major Chen Xingxu’s military uniform looks super eye-catching

Chen Xingxu has attracted much attention because of the dark-hearted prince Li Chengyin in the abusive costume romance drama “East Palace”. In this drama, he played the role of the handsome commander. , its military uniform shape has captured the hearts of many uniform control fans! In addition, Chen Xingxu’s fashion appearance is also very charming. His own high-value condition can easily support different looks, whether it is a suit or military uniform!

Fall in Love” Aspect 3: Lin Yanjun’s first experience in acting

Although “Crush” was broadcast earlier than “Fall in Love”, in fact, Lin Yanjun first filmed “At First Sight” before appearing in “Crush”, so the former is Lin Yanjun’s first drama work!

Although Lin Yanjun has little acting experience, his acting skills in “Crush” are impressive. Although he needs to be trained, he is quite potential as a new generation actor, and people are looking forward to his first acting experience!

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Written by Lina Zhou

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