Five stress relieving, sweet Chinese soap operas that needs to be seen

Soap operas series is a popular romantic TV series recently, whether it is an ancient idol romantic drama or a modern urban love drama. Many TV dramas of this type have been airing…

1.Under the Power

Starring Ren Jialun and Tan songyun tells the story of Lu Yi of the royal guards and Yuan jinxia. The six door Constable who went through various hardships finally fell in love with Lu Yi, the royal guard. Lu Yi, played by Ren Jialun in the play, is graceful and vigorous. As soon as he appeared, he captured a large number of fans with his handsome face.

2.“Le Coup de Foudre

This drama is starred by Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian. It is a youth idol drama. It’s about the love story of the male and female protagonists meeting in high school and working together after graduating from college. The fascinating part is the female leads’s brother, who is very funny and has a very good looking appearance.

3.”Put Your Head on My Shoulder

“Put Your Head on My Shoulder” is the sister chapter of last year’s hit web drama “A Love So Beautiful”. The plots are all youthful and shot on campus. The male protagonist is set as a super smart student, and the female protagonist is more lively and sweet. Both of these dramas have excellent ratings, and the male and female protagonists got “popular overnight.”

4.“A Love So Romantic

“A Love So Romantic” is also a popular Chinese ancient costume sweet drama, telling the “high sugar-level” story of the flower girl Su Xiaowan’s strategy to get the cool Young Master Gu Yanxi. Su Xiaowan originally made a living by selling flowers. She is lively, cute and clever. However, the plot takes a funny turn and she unexpectedly became a “contract brother and sister” with Gu Yanxi, the elder of the Gu family…

5.“My Amazing Boyfriend

Just by looking at this drama’s name, you know this is going to be sweet! At the beginning of the story, a car accident by our unlucky girl lead Tian Jingzhi accidentally rescued Xue Lingqiao, who had been sleeping for a hundred years. Xue Lingqiao also used his own blood to save Tian Jingzhi who was hanging by a thread. Since that day, the two begins their story…

In this fast-paced society, we really need these cute soap operas to relax! Watch these dramas anywhere, anytime at On DemandChina!

Written by Lina Zhou

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