9 All-time Favorite Dramas in Traditional Chinese Costumes

《GoodBye, My Princess》《Under the Power》are definitely on the List!

Some of those dramas are so classic, even after watching them several times, they are still so detailed to find. The eye-catching plots, passionate acting skills, and the super cute couples are keys to a memorable drama. Recently, Weibo has set up a discussion about “The Traditional Chinese Costume Dramas that Worth Rewatching.” I will now recommend them to you!


1.The Story of Minglan -Zanilia Zhao(liying), William Feng(shaofeng)

The most nominated one is The Story of Ming Lan starring Liying Zhao (Zanilia Zhao), which is regarded by the audiences as a drama worthy of savoring and recollection. In fact, the initial evaluation of this drama was quite ordinary, but the more you watch and think about it, the more addictive it is. There is no bloody plot of the ups and downs, but the peaceful flowing pace makes people feel heart-wrenching and enjoyable. It is really a classic ancient Chinese dynasty drama.

The Story of Minglan is the only TV series with a broadcast volume of more than 10 billion in 2019. The Untamed couldn’t even surpass that number! Liying Zhao’s acting skills have been affirmed even more so after this drama. She was nominated for the Best Actress Award at the Shanghai TV Festival. It’s really worth pursuing!

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  1. Goodbye my Princess -Oliver Chen(xingxu), Xiaoran Peng

The nomination rate is also super high! At the beginning, not many people knew the two leading actors so they didn’t have a huge expectation for the drama. Unexpectedly, just by watching the first episode, many people were falling for this already. The scenes and acting skills are just perfect. The novel has a very high degree of restoration from the novel, which is really surprising. Xiaoran Peng and Xingxu Chen are just like walking out of a novel!

And the Goodbye my Princess plot did not disappoint anyone, there was a sweet plot in the beginning, and then it got very high-tempered and heart clutching. The rhythm of this drama was straightforward, there were no useless scenes. Many watchers even complain about some of the deleted parts because they were also very good. Amazing selection!

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  1. Under the Power -Ren Jialun,Seven Tan(songyun)

This drama is a little surprise for 2020. In fact, the show was played after being on hold for a long time. At the beginning, everyone had the mentality to watch it casually, and did not regard it as a major drama, and the drama announcement for platforms and marketing were not really enough. Little did we know that its view rate “flew” once it started airing.

The acting skills and sense of chemistry between the two leading actors conquered the audience, and the exciting sparks of the two people are definitely a sight to see!

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  1. Nirvana in Fire Ge Hu, Tamia Tao(Liu Tao)

The super classic Nirvana in Fire was also nominated! The splendid and high-powered plot, even if it’s being watched multiple times, it’s still very enjoyable. Coupled with the delicate and sincere emotions, the actors and actresses work together to make the story more fascinating for audiences around all age levels. It is definitely the most classic costume drama in recent years!

The novel Nirvana in Fire was already a piece that is almost impossible to beat, but I didn’t expect the drama version to be more amazing. In fact, many plots and characters have been deleted from the drama version, but the adaptation is still quite successful. The characters are perfected, thanks to Hu Ge. The key plots are compact and interlocking, and the lines are precisely controlled, which fully expresses the chivalrous spirits of the world, the struggle of the temple, the heart of a child, and the sentimental idea.

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  1. Eternal Love Yang Mi, Mark Chao(Zhao Youting)

Eternal Love is absolutely a classic among classics! The show’s Internet broadcast volume has exceeded the 50 billion mark, which is quite amazing. It’s the dominator of all TV dramas’ Internet broadcast volume at present. It has a sweet and high sugar plot. Even after watching it multiple times, it still makes watchers’ hearts itch!

Although the original novel is heard to be involved in plagiarism, it still can’t stop everyone from chasing the drama. Originally, Zhao Youting’s ancient costume was disliked by audiences, but later he amazed them by his acting skills.

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  1. Empresses In The Palace -Sun Li, Chenjian Bin

Empresses In The Palace has been mentioned everywhere countless times! I tried to find something that can replace this drama, but I can’t. Even if I have seen it several times, I can still find the details of the plot that I didn’t notice before. People of all ages across the world watch this drama.

The narrative is very special, the pace is slow, but it makes people more and more deeply involved. The key point is the details. Every character’s Micro expression hides the mystery. Every line is like a world shaking proverb, classic! 

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  1. Ashes of Love  -Deng Lun, Yang Zi

This is definitely worth watching again! When it was broadcasted, because of the Qing palace drama Yanxi Palace, the popularity of the play was pulled away a lot. It is a drama that has both humor and depth of love. In the discussion of various classic characters, favorite TV dramas and classic immortal dramas, we can always see Ashes of Love.

With more than 16 billion broadcasts on the Internet, Luo Yunxi, the supporting male lead has become extremely famous for ancient costume dramas. Watchers also said that the drama version of Ashes of Love surpasses the original novel, and many plot adjustments made the story more intense, which is greatly reflected in Luo Yunxi’s acting.

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  1. Bloody Romance -Li Yitong, Qu Chuxiao

Compared with the previous popular dramas, this one’s popularity is relatively low, but it was also nominated by many watchers. The play was launched in the summer of 2018, and collapsed with Yanxi Palace and Ashes of Love. Moreover, the two stars were not familiar on television, so the discussion for this drama is not as much as the previous ones.

However, those who have followed up the drama have highly praised it. It is an online drama with exquisite production. Actors’ acting skills were on point, quality of the background story, and the heartbreaking stories give it an overall score as high as 7.2, and the online broadcast volume is close to 3 billion.

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Last but not least, Scarlet Heart and Joy of Life are also nominated, which are both worth re-watching. Share in the comment section and tell us which of the above dramas are you ready to rewatch? Log in to OnDemandChina now and watch the original HD for free!

What do you think?

Written by Lina Zhou

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