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19+ Ban! The first second is so exciting, pure and lustful!

Before I watched it, as a passerby, I just wanted to ask, is it really so amazing?

“Adult Trainee” has 7 episodes in total, three short stories in the form of unit dramas, one story for the first two episodes, one story for the last three episodes, and another two episodes at the end.

Three men and three women, there are no fixed male and female protagonists, but the acting skills of several leading actors are not embarrassing at all, and the production of online dramas is also so excellent.

The first unit is consoling, comical and exaggerated, using various filters and techniques to easily and funny extend the male protagonist’s psychological changes. The ending is not directly together, but a clear and reasonable ending with an agreement, which also leaves blank for the development after “100 days”.

The second unit is childhood sweetheart, contradiction and reversal are well done, Li Yun is too handsome, who can refuse a big dog with a super body. In one detail, the heroine crossed the zebra crossing twice to visualize the changes in the “rhythm of love”. This arrangement really kills some domestic Mary Sues. Childhood sweethearts are just never too old!

The appearance of the third unit, spend more than one episode writing fairy tales, and then quickly drop the knife, stand in the heroine’s point of view, use the beauty bonus (I made up) to break the previous halo effect, a fat girl, being bullied, bite back, after losing the fantasy love, still see the family and friendship. The ending is also very reasonable and sober, and becoming friends is the most romantic ending.

Beauty should not be limitedly defined, true beauty should be a sense of self-confidence radiated from the inside out, and true beauty should be a sense of self-identity from the heart. The evaluation of others cannot be completely denied. You can jump out of the black hole of self-denial, objectively analyze the evaluation of others, and establish an objective understanding of yourself. But in the process of getting to know yourself, you should pay more attention to your own feelings without hurting others.

The three units show the physical and psychological “practice” of love and sex for adolescents after they reach adulthood. A little bit of sobriety to temptation, conservatism, and fantasy is really nice.

Looking at it as a whole, what this show wants to tell us is that knowing yourself is the most important thing at any time~ If you want to love others, you must first learn to love yourself. After all, loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

I didn’t expect to watch it for less than ten minutes, and I was really wrong! If you want to give this show a try, watch “Adult Trainee” at OnDemand China!

What do you think?

Written by Lina Zhou

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