“Ancient Detective”: The same but different Kongfu realm

The ending of the ancient detective drama “Ancient Detective”, the male lead turned out to be the big boss!

Ancient Detective“: a same but different realm. There are a lot of warmth,  love, and entanglements. There is a lot of reasoning in martial arts. Perfectly blended together, even in the rivers and lakes, this place where killing does not require a reason, it will give all the dead an explanation and give everyone a truth. The investigative part of the drama is really beautiful. There are several units, each unit has new people joining, and new stories happen, but they are closely organized around the mainline, The design of the details is particularly clever! The action scenes here are so exciting!

The just-finished web drama “Ancient Detective” is a relatively well-produced period detective drama recently. Some actors are pure newcomers, which is quite refreshing.

Because I really like watching detective dramas, I clicked in when I saw the title of the show. Although I watched it intermittently, I finally finished the whole show. The male protagonist, Jane, is not known to be the young master of Shenji Valley. In order to trace the whole story of his father’s murder by the Great Demon King painting eight years ago, he looked for the insider all the way. Every time the male lead finds an insider, there will be homicides. The male lead is very flexible and solves strange cases repeatedly along the way. However, no clues about that year can be found, and the insiders encountered will die unfavorably, and there is a pair of invisible hands that specifically hinder the male protagonist’s path to the truth…

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Written by Lina Zhou

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