2022 Best Chinese Drama “Challenges at Midlife” is full of surprises

The plot conflicts continue, the characters are entangled, and the audience is hooked.The premiere of “Challenges at Midlife” is full of surprises, Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan’s acting skills are online, and Zhang Yixing has a sense of personality

“Challenges at Midlife” is written by the original author Anai, directed by Jian Chuanqi, Hou Hongliang as the chief producer, Fang Hui as the producer, Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan as the leading actors, Zhang Yixing, Jia Nailiang, Luo Haiqiong, Liang Guanhua, Lian Lian, Yan Xiaopin, Starring Sun Ning and Zhu Zimo, and starring Li Naiwen, Wang Churan and Zhang Li. The play revolves around decades of grievances between two families and two generations. It tells the story of Jian Hongcheng (played by Lei Jiayin) and Ning You (played by Yuan Quan) after their middle-aged reunion, facing the middle-aged crisis and resolving the feud and contradictions together.

Ning Shu, played by Zhang Yixing, has a sense of character. In the TV series “Meeting Season”, Zhang Yixing plays Yuan Quan’s younger brother, Ning Shu, the second revenge man. As soon as I heard the name Ning Shu, I felt that he was a black-bellied character full of anger and resentment. Of course, it can also be understood as full of redemption and forgiveness. Anyway, it is both black and white, and the characters are indeed both emotional and very full!

The reason why the character of Ning Shu is black-bellied and sickly is actually related to Ning Shu’s childhood experience. Because it is too sensitive, it looks a little neurotic.

Such a role is not easy to play, but Zhang Yixing’s performance is good. In the two episodes that have been broadcast, he and Yuan Quan have a rivalry scene that is actually very good.

In the camera, he looked at his sister, pretending to be relaxed on the surface, but inadvertently showing a worried look in his eyes. Because he knew the mess at his sister’s house, he tried to calm himself and not let his sister worry about him. Seeing Zhang Yixing’s performance in the play, some viewers commented: Zhang Yixing’s details are so wonderful that it is worth scrutinizing.

Talking about the cooperation with Zhang Yixing, Jia Nailiang, Lei Jiayin, and Yuan Quan said in the live link: Zhang Yixing personally told us the word “hard work”, and he could see very sincere things in his eyes. The role of Ning Shu is very complicated to express, but Zhang Yixing has done it well!

The beginning of “Challenges at Midlife” tells the origin of the feud between Jian and Ning: Cui Hao (played by Huang Junpeng) stabbed the factory manager Jian Zhiguo (played by Jiang Baixuan) because of his job transfer, and he jumped off the building to commit suicide after knowing that he had made a big mistake. The eldest daughter of the Jian family, Jian Minmin (played by Danni Chong), made trouble with the Cui family and accidentally injured the younger son of the Cui family, Cui Qiming (played by Lu Yuhao). foreign land.

With the opening of this family feud, the two storylines with the Jane and Ning families as the protagonists gradually unfolded. The Ning family sisters and brothers grew up in hard life experiences, the younger brother Ning Shu (played by Zhang Yixing) has been unable to let go of the hatred that year, and deliberately wanted to take revenge on the Jian family; troubled by the problem.

The characters are rich in cross-sections, and the characters are three-dimensional and vivid with remarkable personalities.

After the broadcast of the series, all the characters in the series have received attention and praise from netizens, such as Jian Hongcheng who looks domineering and kind, Ning Yu who is tough and strong, Ning Shu who is black-bellied, and Jian Minmin who is arrogant and domineering. Remarkable personality characteristics and obviously different, these characteristics not only endow the characters with distinctive symbols but also enhance the visibility of the drama.

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Written by Lina Zhou

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