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Why is The New Chinese drama”Reset” so popular?

Daily broadcast volume exceeds 100 million: revealing the reasons for the good reputation of the first domestic hit drama in 2022

Domestic dramas are really becoming more and more popular, and the recently released “Reset” has become a hit (163 million broadcasts on January 19, and 632 million total broadcasts).

After 8 episodes of “Reset“, the whole drama has passed halfway, and it is basically safe to play 4 stars. As the first domestic TV drama with the infinite streaming theme,”Reset” is adapted from the novel of the same name, integrating various suspense elements such as car accidents, explosions, reasoning, time loops, and doomsday couples. It tells the story of college student Li Shiqing (played by Zhao Jinmai) and game architect Xiao Hyun (played by Bai Jingting) on ​​a bus, constantly experiencing explosions and “resurrecting from the dead”, and returning to the story before the explosion with memories. And only by preventing the explosion can they get out of this cycle.

In “Reset” these elements are all there, saving oneself, saving others, catching the murderer, and the high density of 19 explosion cycles in 8 episodes makes the rhythm of the whole drama compact and progressive. Not in time, race against time, and fight against the real murderer.


The biggest difficulty in suspense often lies in setting up and solving puzzles, and there are not a few who have too much foreshadowing and end up unfinished. Last year’s “Octagon Pavilion Mystery Case” was like this. The suspenseful atmosphere was exaggerated, and finally, it became a family ethics drama due to procrastination and triviality;

At present, “The Beginning” seems to have a good balance between the details and the puzzle-solving process. Every cycle has a new story. The audience and the protagonist, together with the protagonist, wake up, again and again, digging out different facts, step by step Approaching the truth.

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Written by Lina Zhou

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