Have You Watched China’s “Game of Thrones”?

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The exquisite costumes and gorgeous cinematography are characters of the Chinese court competing tales genre. The genre’s stories involve friendship, brotherhood, love, betrayal, and justice. Here are some of the most popular and talked-about palace struggle dramas that will satisfy your c-drama addiction 😉
“Nirvana in Fire” has been called “China’s Game of Thrones” and reached commercial and critical success with massive ratings exceeding 10 million views by the second day! To not give too much away, “Nirvana in Fire” is a story about a man’s quest for revenge and his path on clearing his family’s name of crimes they did not commit as well as secretly help his childhood friend, an unfavored prince, become emperor. Friendship and brotherhood love is in the main spotlight.
The superb action and gorgeous cinematography with high-ranked actors/actresses together made it so flawless that it’s the best of historical/costume/romance Chinese dramas I’ve seen, and my expectations for c-drama were exponentially raised after this.
“The Long Ballad” is a very recent costume/wuxia drama released in 2021 that comes with exceptional cinematography and is starred by the most popular young actors/actresses(amazing acting abilities!) in China. This drama tells the story of Li Chang Ge (which translated into “Long Ballad” in the title), a princess of the great Tang who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after inadvertently getting embroiled in the vicious court politics of the royal family. Friendship, love, justice, and sacrifices occur along the path as she meets different people and challenges in exile.
“The Great Protector” is, perhaps, the most underrated drama with not so many episodes like other WuXia series but has got superb acting. It takes place in the chaotic times of early, in the Republic of China, Elder escort master Dai established a reputable armed escort business. Liu Anshun, who works for Dai, is poised to take over the business from Master Dai as well as marry his daughter Dai Rong. Unfortunately, Liu Anshun is forced by circumstances to go to Beijing alone, where he establishes an escort business on his own and meets a female bandit Lu Yao Ting. Stay tuned for the stories to happen in Beijing.

Written by Lina Zhou

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