Crystal Liu : The “Fairy Sister” of China.


Elegant, innocent, dignified are the nice words dedicated to Crystal Liu from the audience. She was dubbed the Fairy sister because of her fragile beauty, exquisite because she excels at acting in impressive historical roles, she made many people fall in love with her characters and her also. Crystal has always been a person of good manners and has always received important roles in movies from movies to television. So, is Crystal Liu’s artistic path really strewn with roses, and is her acting talent as outstanding as her beauty? Let’s explore with OnDemandChina about the charmer actress – Crystal Liu.

Since childhood, Liu Yifei has had a great academic record, she also showed many of her talents when participating in piano classes, singing, and dancing lessons. At the age of 15, she was the youngest person in history to pass the exam and study at the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy. With her outstanding appearance and acting talent beyond her age, Crystal Liu has made a splash right from the first films she participated in. The characters that Crystal has built up through the films have become monuments in the hearts of audiences not only in China but throughout Asia. Here are some of the immortal characters in Crystal Liu’s career.


  1. Demi Gods and Semi Evils (2003) :

When it comes to the mark that makes up the title “Fairy Sister” of Crystal, it is the role of Wang Yuyan. The film was so successful that the main actors’ names became bright. In particular, the person who received the most attention from the public was Crystal Liu because her ethereal beauty made millions of viewers’ hearts sob and since then she was favored with the name Ancient Beauty. The Author of the novel which this drama was based on – Jin Yong – once emotionally wrote in his book that “Miss Crystal, only after seeing the character Wang Yuyan that you play, readers will know that Jin Yong is not exaggerating”. In this drama, Wang Yuyan (Crystal Liu) is endowed with heavenly beauty and a keener mind. She knows almost every martial arts scripture in the world, she can name the move correctly just by seeing it being performed, and also knows how to break the solution. Unknowingly she became a living dictionary of martial arts, and because she did not practice martial arts, many forces coveted her to kidnap her. This is one of the classics of Chinese drama that you definitely cannot miss.


  1. Chinese Paladin ( 2005 ) :


With a successful historical role in the past, Crystal Liu did not hesitate to challenge to once again transform into Zhao Linger – an exiled princess who is hiding from the enemy’s pursuit. Zhao is beautiful and lovely but her fate is destined to be extremely tragic. The love story of her and the man she loves is like an endless sad love song, not only that, but she also carries the responsibility of saving humanity. The film helped Crystal Liu prove herself constantly improving in acting. At the same time, the film was warmly received by the audience, its popularity also spread throughout Asia.


  1. The Return of the Condor Heroes (2006):

This is considered to be the most classic role of Crystal Liu, she ecstatically played the role of Xiao Long Nu. Crystal’s beauty is fully expressed through this character. Every gesture, every look of Crystal was ecstatic, millions of viewers fell in love with Crystal Liu’s beauty and great acting. Xiao Long Nu is an adopted orphan. Since childhood, she was isolated from the world, she does not attach to emotions but is also extremely innocent. She always wears a white dress like snow and sleeps on a bed of jade as cold as ice at night. Xiao Long Nu practiced the secret technique passed on by her master, since then her beauty has always been like a pearl – never getting old. She has the ability to control white honey bees. The name “Xiao Long Nu” was also given by her master and she was loved as a saint. Once again Crystal has contributed to a miracle for the film when it won the title of “Asia’s highest-rated TV series” in 2006. Later, there were many remakes of the film but “Xiao Long Nu” Crystal Liu is always remembered by the audiences.


Crystal Liu can be the Fairy Sister in the eyes of the audiences and fans who love her. However, Crystal is still an ordinary person like everyone else, what she achieved today is because she worked so hard. Not only that, there are always rumors and troubles around her to pull her down, but Crystal is as strong as real-life Mulan to rise from the ashes like a fire phoenix.


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Written by Thinh Le

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