Dilraba Dilmurat : The gorgeous Xinjiang snowflake.


Dilraba Dilmurat grew up in a family with artistic tradition, her father was a singer and songwriter. Therefore, she became interested in performing arts such as piano, violin, dance, etc. In 2007, Dilraba Dilmurat graduated from Xinjiang Academy and at the same time became a dancer of Xinjiang music and dance troupe.

Dilraba Dilmurat can be considered as one of the actors who still shines despite having little acting space. Sometimes, she even overwhelms the main role when participating in blockbuster movies because of her delicate, modern, and escapist face. Besides, the advantage of her appearance makes her always outstanding when participating in projects or events. Thanks to that, she was noticed and trusted by high-end fashion brands for her to be their brand ambassador.

Dilraba Dilmurat was ranked by Forbes magazine in the top 40 famous and wealthy artists in China in 2017. This is considered a huge achievement for a young actress like her. Let’s review some attractive films of Dilraba Dilmurat and find out why she is so successful.

  1. The King’s Woman (2017) :

In this historical drama, Dilraba Dilmurat plays a girl with magnificent beauty – Gongsun Li. However, she has a very tragic life. In order to save the person she loves, she is forced to enter the king’s palace to become his concubine as a price to pay in exchange for an antidote. Will she find her happiness? Watch the movie to get the answer and enjoy Dilraba Dilmurat’s splendid appearance in historical styling.

  1. The Long Ballad (2021) :

Historical blockbuster of 2021, Dilraba Dilmurat transformed into Li Changge – Princess Yongning. After her whole family was murdered because of vying for the throne, she fortunately escaped and wandered into another territory. Since then, she disguised herself and joined the army. The heart of the resilient princess never stopped burning the fire of revenge. She has to go through countless difficulties and dangers in order not to reveal her identity and at the same time, she has to show her outstanding qualities to assert an important position in the army.

  1. Love Designer (2020):

In this urban melodrama, Dilraba Dilmurat excellently transformed into Zhou Fang – a talented and beautiful fashion designer but was “cuckolded” by her fiancé on the day of the wedding photoshoot. That unlucky girl spent her youth for the promiscuous, treacherous fiancé. However, she was not melancholy or sentimental but strongly continued on her path to success even without that traitor. After that, she has a fateful meeting with the male lead, they are gradually developing feelings for each other with countless romantic situations. In addition, the realistic acting and chemistry between Dilraba Dilmurat and her co-star are so great that everyone is rumored that they have dated in real life.

On the whole, it is undeniable that Dilraba Dilmurat is a talented actress with integrity, not only that, she is always working hard to improve her self-image to show respect and gratitude to the audiences. Follow OnDemandChina to update news and projects about the graceful and stalwart snowflake of Xinjiang.

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Written by Thinh Le

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