Esther Yu : The expressive goddess of Chinese entertainment industry

Esther Yu is a popular Chinese actress born in 1995 after appearing in the movies

Esther Yu is a popular Chinese actress born in 1995 after appearing in the movies: “My Amazing Boyfriend 2” and “Find Yourself”. Esther also attracted attention when she decided to participate in the program “Youth with you 2”. This is one of the most important milestones in her career, Esther Yu has received more fans and support from the audiences due to her ceaseless efforts and sincere attitude.

Maybe you haven’t known this yet, Esther Yu was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She lives in a rich family, a luxurious life, and Esther herself is also a shareholder of a company that she founded. In addition, she has a wide relationship with many names in showbiz.

Despite having a wonderful background, Esther Yu did not choose the easy path of continuing the family business. Instead, she devoted herself to pursuing her passion for art seriously and thoughtfully. 

Let’s take a look at a few compelling movies that have the participation of Esther Yu. 

  1. A love so romantic ( 2020) :

 The film is about the love process of the couple Su Xiaowan and Gu Yanxi. An important female character is Cheng Qianyu ( Esther Yu) who will appear as the third person in this love story. Moreover, with Esther Yu’s diverse expressions and unexpected, humorous situations, the film promises to bring the feeling of comfort and relaxation for audiences.

2. Find yourself (2020) :

In this movie, Esther Yu plays a cute, innocent girl named Cai Man Man. The love story between her and her teacher, He Canyang, has brought plenty of extremely funny, witty but still very sweet situations. Although they are just a supporting couple, with charming acting, Esther Yu successfully conveyed her character as well as contributed to the success of the film.

 3. I have fallen for you (2020) :

Esther plays the role of Tian Sanqi who grew up in a cemetery, so she is very interested in “discovering” corpses. Tian Sanqi has a childhood friend, they are very close. But when both of them grow up, her soulmate suddenly disappears mysteriously. She is willing to travel long distances to find that friend’s whereabouts. “I have fallen for you” is famous for its sense of humor. In particular, Esther Yu is not afraid to sacrifice her image to create hilarious situations. The film is highly entertaining and the content has intertwined with unexpected and curious details which makes the audiences can’t take their eyes off.

All in all, although she has not been featured in many films, with Esther Yu’s dedication and efforts to the arts, whether it’s singing, dancing, or acting, she will go further on her career path. Follow and update Esther Yu’s latest projects at OnDemandChina.

Written by Magalie

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