Five Under-recognized Classic Martial Arts Dramas

In Jin Yong’s or Gu Long’s works, everyone has a martial arts dream. When we see martial arts dramas in recent years, most of them aren’t the same anymore. They play a huge part in the line of love, or they tend to develop into having supernatural magic instead of martial arts. In short, those pure martial arts dramas in these years have indeed declined. Now let me use these classic martial arts dramas to awaken your memories ~

  1. Meteor, Butterfly, Sword

In author Gulong’s world of martial arts practitioners, this drama portrays a story of two-way redemption. This is the last real Gulong drama I have seen in my impression, which well explains human nature. Gu Long’s characters have always been complex and imperfect, and the plot is very heavy. It’s really difficult to shoot and balance well, but this drama did it. Just when the female owner was about to fail her mission and the male owner would die of the killer’s fate, they met! Super touching!

2.The Spirit Of The Sword

The TV series did not take the pursuit of Kendo as the theme. Instead, it describes a treacherous and mysterious society. Three pairs of young people struggle and live with their own responsibilities and missions. This drama is very beautiful. The actors are all familiar with martial arts, so the play is really a long lens that connects into a line, rather than an intermittent fixed lens.

3.Sword Stained With Royal Blood

As for this drama, I can only say that as an early work, it has both flaws and strengths (structure).  Blue blood sword is not Jin Yong’s masterpiece, but it carries a lot of weight in many fans’ hearts. It is more like a historical romance than a martial arts piece. From this drama I learned that a person should not look at others one-sidedly and decisively, but judge him/her from long-term, objective facts and multiple angles. See, we can learn life skills in Mr. Jin’s martial arts.

4.Paladins in Troubled Times

As a drama created by new actors, the play still has excellent workmanship. There are beautiful valleys and rivers, gorgeous royal palaces, and enjoyable martial arts design. The chivalrous tenderness shown by several idols is both gentle and moving. Although the story completely subverts Liang Yusheng’s original work, it is still full of gratitude and resentment around the hero, and the rhythm is more lively than the slightly cumbersome “Sword Stained With Royal Blood“.

5.Legend of Huo Yuan Jia

Huo Yuanjia (actor: Zhao Wenzhuo) is the object of many teenagers competing to imitate. This drama starring Zhao Wenzhuo is a big pattern drama that many people enjoy. Huo Yuanjia has been blunt all his life and won’t do anything in ways that disobeys his heart. In that distorted era, an honest man like him will inevitably be trapped all the way. This play restores the most real society under the background of that era. 

So many classics, there is always one you will like. In this era full of modern dramas, these classics often give us some new feelings and memories. All these dramas are assigned with english subtitles at OnDemand China!

What do you think?

Written by Lina Zhou

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