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Happy Chinese New Year everybody! Ready for some holiday spirit festivals and variety shows?

No better way to spend your Chinese New Year than to watch the “2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala”!

As Chinese New Year was just celebrated, are you looking for some New Year spirit on your TV? If you haven’t watched the comedy variety show “Mahua Ridicurers” and the “2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala” you are missing out!

Looking at the comedy variety shows on the market, most of them are limited by age group. For example, talk shows and comedy competitions focus on the interests of young people. “Ivory Mountain Troupe” has many senior comedy fans. level” is rare. In the program that I am recommending to you today, it is for all age groups who want a little fun! in addition to Shen Teng and Ma Li frequently throwing stalks and contributing jokes, we also saw the other side of the other members of the “Mahua Ridicurers”” team. The confused and cute Wang Chengdu, the fast-eyed “light-shooting king” Li Haiyin, and the hidden Gao Haibao all showed a richer and more three-dimensional version of themselves.

With the broadcast of the show, actors such as Wu YuHan, Huang Cailun, Wang Chengsi, Xu Wenhe assembled in “Mahua Ridicurers” have become new levers. audience’s approval. The lineup configuration of the old and the new ensures the stable output of the content and constant surprises, and the game links also fully demonstrate the personality charm of the comedian.

After the broadcast of “Mahua Ridicurers”, Wang Haigang, director of Happy Twist, said in an interview, “Our works are for ordinary people to see, and we always create from the perspective of civilians.” Discover ordinary people who shine in all walks of life and make them the protagonists of the story. Variety shows are no longer “high above”, and ordinary people can resonate more in the process of watching and experiencing the joy of fireworks.

The other huge show would be the annual Chinese New Year countdown show: “2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala”. The evening show continued to pursue artistic innovation and make bold breakthroughs. The program highlights Chinese elements, national characteristics, regional culture, and the beauty of the colorful civilization of the world. It tells the story of China vividly and sings the great new era with deep affection. It shows the optimism and unity of hundreds of millions of people in the fight against the epidemic and expresses people’s desire for a happy life in the future. The vision of, the content is exciting and inspiring.

Ready to see the spectacular shows of the new year? Go on OnDemand China and enjoy!

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Written by Lina Zhou

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