HIStory the series : the reckless BL series that you must watch



For the faithful of the BL series, everyone must know the famous Chinese series – HIStory. Combined with the two words “his” and “story” meaning “his story”, HIStory builds a universe with diverse scenarios along with fictional details beyond imagination. Thus, when the movie was released, it caused a lot of controversy in the BL fan community. However, that also contributes to the attractiveness and excitement of this series. Therefore, HIStory accumulates a large number of followers as well as positive reviews from critics. Let’s take a look at the movies with countless unpredictable details that only HIStory dares to bring to the screen!

  1. HIStory 1 includes 3 separate dramas My Hero, Stay Away from Me, and Obsessed.

“My Hero” is the opening film for a whole series after that, but the content of My Hero is somewhat different and makes many viewers, especially fans of the BL genre, feel overwhelmed. During a mission, the underworld emissary accidentally captured the soul of the girl Lan Hsi instead of the lamentable guy – Ku Ssu-Jen. To temporarily remedy the mistake he had made, the emissary let Lan Hsi enter the body of Ku Ssu-Jen with the attached mission. At all costs, Lan Hsi who is in Ku Ssu-Jen’s body must get a real kiss from her boyfriend- Mai Ying-Hsiung. Lan Hsi begins her journey to chase her boyfriend in a guy’s body. Gradually, she discovered that her boyfriend’s feelings for Ku Ssu-Jen had been buried at the bottom of his heart. My Hero with a unique script and honest acting has brought great success as well as created a stepping stone for the following episodes.

“Stay Away from Me” started when their parents decided to get married and enjoy a long honeymoon together, superstar Cheng Qing moved in with the new step-brother Feng He. During this period, Cheng Qing – a star who is having trouble balancing his normal life and career – is on the verge of not going to college. Their parents assigned Feng He – Cheng qing’s step-brother – to tutor him. Although Feng He always acts cold, he actually cares about Cheng Qing very much. Will there be a romantic relationship between them because they live together every day and gradually develop more and more complicated feelings for each other? In addition, the enthusiastic support from Meng Meng – Feng He’s best friend and also a genuine fujoshi – is also an interesting element of “Stay Away from Me”.

“Obsessed” in HIStory 1, Obsessed is the most popular movie title by the audience. Not only because of the great script, which was true to the tastes of fans at the time, who liked novel-like stories like reincarnation (reviving a life to remake life) but also because of the scenes. contains many emotions of the main couple. Shao Yi-Chen, after receiving news that his boyfriend Jiang Jin-Teng was about to get married to another girl, could not bear the terrible shock of being betrayed and having a traffic accident. Fortunately, God gave him a chance to relive the moment before falling in love with Jiang Jin-Teng. Strongly, Shao Yi-Chen is determined not to let himself have to end up tragically like before.


  1. HIStory 2 includes Right or Wrong and Crossing the line

“Right or Wrong” is an episode about Shi Yi-Jie, a prestigious associate professor in the department of anthropology. At the same time, he is a divorced single father and has a 6-year-old daughter, “You You”. By chance, he hires a male college student Fei Sheng-Zhe (“Xiao Fei”) to be his daughter’s babysitter. After years of taking care of her daughter alone, along with erratic working hours and inadequate meals, Xiao Fei’s presence brings big changes to the lives of Shi Yi-Jie and her young daughter You You. After going through many things together, their love gradually blossomed when both realized the other’s feelings. However, is the choice of this teacher-student relationship right or wrong?

“Crossing the Line” is about Xia Yu-hao – an impulsive but brave high school boy who is forced to transfer schools because of a fight. Once while trying to escape the wall, Xia Yu-hao was seen by volleyball team captain He Sheng-yen and volleyball team manager Qiu Zi-Xuan. He Sheng-yen began to persuade Xia Yu-hao to join the volleyball team. After joining the volleyball team, Xia Yu-hao and Qiu Zi-Xuan become good friends. In the process of training, they gently recognize the other’s true self. Since then, the fire of love slowly rekindled in both of them. In addition, in the film, there are also emotional developments of a secondary couple, who are not blood brothers Wang Zhen-wen and Wang Zhen-wu. Crossing the Line is the only series in HIStory’s anthology to receive a Golden Bell nomination for Best Miniseries.


  1. HIStory 3 includes Trapped and Make Our Day Count

“Trapped” is a detective-themed series about a mysterious shooting that left a police officer and the head of the Hsin Tien Group crime syndicate dead. Four years later, police investigator Meng Shao-Fei is determined to hunt down Tang Yi, the lone survivor of the fateful shooting – and now the head of the Hsin Tien gang. Tang Yi is also on the hunt for the same answers but he wants his own form of justice. He seems to want to precisely choose his punishment for the killer. Though, he seems to be hiding a dark secret. Both of them become entangled in a deadly mind game – one that becomes more complicated after Tang Yi sets a love trap for Meng Shao-fei.

“Make Our Days Count” takes the main theme of sweet school love. The smoothness and thoughtfulness of the film make viewers have faith and hope for a beautiful ending. Xiang Hao-ting is a special student. Too bitter because his girlfriend “cuckolded” to turn to love the scholar Yu Xi-gu, so he decided to solve this “thorn” in his eye. After a lot of trouble that he caused to annoy Yu Xi-gu, he slowly realized his feelings for him. And a child lacking love, always alone like Yu Xi-gu when he has to face Xiang Hao-ting’s enthusiasm, of course, couldn’t help but fall in love. Although the script of the film is not too new, the cleverly arranged details and honest actions of the actors have brought an excellent movie. However, the ending of the film was a surprise for viewers and sparked fierce controversy after it was released.

All in all, HIStory the series is one of the highly-rated movies in the BL genre. With careful investment in production and diversity in content, HIStory has been receiving enthusiastic support from audiences everywhere. If you are interested in BL, don’t hesitate to watch this fascinating series right away. I guarantee that you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen.

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Written by Thinh Le

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