Is “Perfect Partner” good? What kind of sparks will Huang Xuan and Tong Liya’s partnership encounter?

The main actor Huang Xuan’s works have never let us down.

The main actor Huang Xuan’s works have never let us down. Every work has made people experience his more potential side. His acting skills are also obvious to all and have been well received by the public. Of course, all actors are full of expectations for a perfect relationship. Out, the workplace public relations theme is very in line with modern people’s entrepreneurial ideas, it should be a good work, Tong Liya and Huang Xuan is the first time to cooperate, what kind of surprise and breakthrough will the two powerful actors collide within “Perfect Couple”? Let’s wait and see!

Although “Perfect Couple” is a modern workplace drama, it is based on the theme of public relations. First, it satisfies the public’s curiosity about the field of public relations. Second, it integrates all kinds of problems faced by different industries with the mainline of public relations events. The focus of public relations, not only tells the diversity of the workplace thoroughly but also makes the plot of the whole drama full and three-dimensional.

Wei Zhe is a well-known crisis PR in Shanghai and can be said to be second to none in this industry, while Jiang Dalin is just the opposite. Moreover, Jiang Dalin, who has just entered society, will “idealize” almost everything. She thinks that people are good and that everything should develop in a good direction.

Although I haven’t seen the ending yet, there is no doubt that Wei Zhe and Jiang Dalin, who are the leading actors, will have a good ending. This is almost the preset scenario of Chinese TV dramas, and the ending will be happy.

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Written by Lina Zhou

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