Jackson Yee—— The young rising star of China!

Jackson Yee is indeed the lead representative star born after 00. His popularity and commercial value completely crush other competitors.

Debuted as a boy group at the age of 13, TFBOYS became known all over the world. With excellent acting skills, Jackson Yee, the youngest of the group has become the box office guarantee from his movies “Better Days” and “A Little Red Flower”. His business and film resources are so good that He soon exceeded having 80 million fans, a well-deserved top spot. 

Since 2018, he has successively attended the “Street Dance of China Season 3” and showed professional ability and stage control in dancing. He also broke through 5 billion views with the launch of the web drama “The Longest Day in Chang’an”. Immediately after, the movie “Better Days” entered the Oscars…

I will introduce three of Jackson Yi’s works to you right now!

  1. “The Longest Day of Chang’an”

From the perspective of the director, Chang’an’s prosperous scene can be seen throughout the drama, ranging from street houses to small characters. Accompanied by bursts of low drums, people can feel the turbulent undercurrents shrouded in this peacefulness. Jackson’s acting skills in this drama are really amazing to me. His earnestly and attentiveness are really great characteristics for the younger generation to learn from.

    2. “Forward Forever”

This is a web drama with two male protagonists. Jackson and Huang Zitao respectively play two brothers with completely different personalities. A Yi, played by Jackson, was separated from his mother since childhood and has a precocious and withdrawn personality. The contrast and conflict with the other main lead, a new youth who seems to be dull but passionate, is quite dramatic. In an era full of countless transitions, Chong Liming and A Yi have their own missions, and while completing their missions, they have also achieved self-growth.

   3. “Better Days”

“Better Days” is a film that reflects reality, radiating the mindsets of candidates under the background of the college entrance examination and the influence of the native family on children. This is a growth story of adolescents who went from being lost to redeeming each other and finally reconciling with the world. Jackson is the main character Xiaobei in this movie. What touches me more is Jackson’s acting skills! There are no shadows of “The Longest Day in Chang’an” at all. In this movie, he is a rebellious and determined teenager. His eyes made me see a kind of persistent love the character had for the girl.

Since Jackson Yi entered the film and television industry, although he does not have too many works, he is making progress every time. With the continuous sublimation of acting skills, Jackson Yi has gone farther on the road of acting. He is an amazing presentation of the youth, and his steps are determined. Watch these extraordinary works of Jackson Yee at OnDemandChina!

What do you think?

Written by Lina Zhou

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