K-drama “Stranger From Hell” Reflection

Birthcare Center and Monster are all included

Korean dramas are really addicting as we all know, but these will not be complete without their incredible features. Guess what kind of spices are that which captured the heart and attention of so many people? These are the moral lessons and strong connections between the characters and the viewers. These three that I am introducing today are also applied with English subs at OnDemand China!

1.“Stranger From Hell

The male protagonist Yoon Jong-Woo is a newcomer to Seoul, and a frustrated writer eager to write best-selling crime novels like his idol Raymond Chandler. However, due to economic difficulty, he can only rent a dirty, messy room in Eden Examination Center. The neighbors are all a bit off. For example, Xu Wenzu is a gentle dentist during the day and a perverted killer at night. The extreme beauty in appearance and the extreme evil in psychology reflect each other, highlighting human nature. Through the depiction of a few shots in the play, the poverty and dissatisfaction of the male protagonist who has just emerged from society are depicted.


2. “Birthcare Center

The TVN new moon fire drama “Birthcare Center” is a short drama with only 8 episodes. The theme of the drama is bold and innovative. It focuses on women’s pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. This kind of drama with obvious feminine issues is easy to make bitter, enmity or radical indignation, but the whole process of “Birthcare Center” is carried out in a relaxed and exaggerated comedy atmosphere, presenting women’s pain in witty humor. Comedy dilutes the antagonism between the sexes and lets the audience put their guard down; comedy also covers the sharpness of the show, allowing the issue of female fertility to be broadcast on television on an “unprecedented” scale.


3.“Beyond Evil

The unique charm of this show lies in the human evil behind the suspense. The drama is about two men who violated the law and the principles of life to catch the serial murderer. During the drama, it sends out the question: “Who is the monster, is it you, me, or us?” In this drama, no one is a true representative of justice. The law is here as a tool, and there is no forceful accusation of its restraint. Everyone can easily become a “monster”. The feelings of venting dissatisfaction, unwillingness, protecting relatives, being abandoned, and getting revenge are easy to understand. But we just often forget that there is something more important than success.

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Written by Lina Zhou

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