Korean drama “High Class” is premiered

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The extravagant “High Class“, the top-class predetermined campus environment, and a group of masked mothers with subtle identities, the Korean drama “High Class” became another hot drama after “Penthouse”. This new hit drama is a mystery-suspense drama about the dangerous lies and hypocrisies hidden behind the perfect lives of the women who live in the top 0.1 percent of society. The scale of the big changes in the environment is very subtle, so it leads us to brainstorm more about it. What’s more, Jo Yeo-Jeong is also playing the main role in this amazing show!

High Class” revealing a very controversial topic of our current society: how a group of so-called upper-class people are so desperate to make their children enter the aristocratic schools. In the first episode of the play, the aristocratic school established on the tourist island really aspires to rich people not because of its excellent education level, its because this school bypassed South Korea’s college entrance examination and directly learned some ballet, equestrianism, symphony, and other content, and then went straight to a prestigious school in English-speaking countries.

The story of “High Class” does not have the cliche acts of revenge of the “Penthouse” series. In comparison, it has a lot of details for the readers to discover. All of the characters seem to be smiling, but in fact, they have countless “masks” hidden behind their fake appearances. No one knows what secrets everyone has, but the only thing that the audience can sense is that the heroine has enemies on all sides.

Can the hostess really rely on her own strength to get everything her husband left for her? Or is it a trap, including the house and the invitation letter? I have to say that in terms of attracting audiences to watch the drama, the Korean drama “High Class” is very successful.


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Written by Lina Zhou

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