New Trending Hong Kong Dramas That You Cannot Miss

Hong Kong’s most celebrated cinematic talents got their break working on TV dramas!

Forget about all the K-dramas and new Netflix shows. Nothing beats the over-the-top love triangles, nightmare in-laws, hilarious caricature villains, and melodramatic deaths in Hong Kong TV dramas. Yes, it can be easy to laugh at the exaggerated, and always predictable, twists and turns, but many of Hong Kong’s most celebrated cinematic talents got their break working on TV dramas.

    1. Ossan’s Love

Hong Kong ViuTV has invested in a remake of the Japanese drama “Ossan’s Love”, which successfully set off an unprecedented upsurge in watching TV dramas in Hong Kong and refreshed the rating record since the opening of the TV station. This is interspersed with several lines of love, both straight and curved, such as older youth love, sibling love, etc. Generally speaking, it is promoting the mainline of the two young male protagonists, Ah Tian and Ah. Many couples in the show are experiencing the ups and downs of love, which rarely arouses the resonance of the Hong Kong audience.

     2.“Leap Day”

“Leap Day” is very fresh, unlike ordinary Hong Kong dramas, it is actually more like Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese light novels. It is more literary and youthful, aimed at younger readers. “Leap Day” is almost like a light novel in two main scenes: a bookstore with a good atmosphere and little business; and a mysterious geometric society that is nonsensical, just like a concentration camp for “weird” people. Yeesa was born on leap day. On her birthday, she has an encounter with two men, a sushi master and the president of Mystery Club. This experience makes Yeesa realize that she has the ability to repair all past mistakes through time travel…

    3. “Single Papa”

The new ViuTV drama “Single Papa” starring Zheng Zhongji and Zhang Keyi has been well received since its inception. Cheng Zhongji reverses his past comedy image and plays an honest, attentive, and affectionate single father in his new work. Even the location of the convenience store where he worked has become a hot topic for online searches. In fact, except for Cheng Zhongji, many of the characters in the play will portray the mood of the parents in detail. Throughout the drama, it is a drama that can easily fill your eyes with tears.

   4. “Iron Ladies”

“Iron Ladies”, as the name suggests, is a group portrait of contemporary mature women. There is no youthful ignorance here. Every heroine is a strong woman with financial freedom and independent thinking. They should be able to live without being dependent on men. Women can also be bold and unscrupulous. This Hong Kong drama break taboos and speak freely. The main characters are a total of seven women who dare to say so in the plot. To the outside world, everything in their lives is going well for them. But three professional women in their 30s try to find their own personal happiness outside of their successful careers.

After these introductions, you probably have an idea of which one you are interested in watching! Why wait? Go ahead and click OnDemand China and enjoy the show!

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Written by Lina Zhou

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