“Perfect Couple” was launched, Gao Yuanyuan’s anticipated comeback work!

In Gao Yuanyuan’s performance as Tianmei, the bitterness in the entrance, but the aftertaste is full of the sweetness which is portrays the complex life situation.

“Perfect Couple” focuses on female growth, middle-aged love, divorced families. This lineup, this urban life theme, is of course full of expectations.

Gao Yuanyuan’s role is getting closer to the investment bank elite played by Wang Yaoqing because of his work, while Zhang Luyi’s role and Wang Zhener’s role have more common topics because of parenting. To use a line from Wang Yaoqing in the play, “We are fighting in the front, and you are helping each other in the rear, which is also very good.”

The two groups of marriages, because of work and life, have encountered problems in their non-stop encounters. How to go about it? It has become a dilemma before them, and the story of marriage group portraits of urban middle-aged people begins. In the end, the two families need each other and heal each other without interfering with each other’s lives. Or re-choose your own marriage? The marriage of the middle-aged population does not seek to be vigorous, but only to be long-lasting. But what if the long-lasting relationship is just a perception?

It can be seen that the story breaks the routine of previous urban dramas, focusing on urban marriage and workplace confusion in two families. The protagonist faces both the game of marriage life and the confrontation of workplace life. When marriage becomes a responsibility, conflicts become daily life. Between the intertwined clues and character relationships, the plot advances in an orderly manner at the same time, and the final destination is the theme of the series: what is the perfect partner?

From the trailer, both couples may be on the verge of divorce, but perhaps only when they come to the edge of the marriage cliff, they finally realize that they are not perfect, but they are each other’s, perfect partners.

This is how the story unfolds. In the end, tell the audience through the choice of the protagonist:

“There is only one kind of heroism in marriage, that is, after realizing the truth of marriage, you still love it.”

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Written by Lina Zhou

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