New love variety show is here! Netizens who have never been in a relationship all want to sign up!

For the first time, the show tried to turn the camera to “Love Beginners”, showing their living conditions and emotional development one by one through out the time period!

The first domestic first love growth reality show “So in Love” was officially announced a few days ago. Faced with the current state of the industry where romance reality shows are crowded with new and serious homogenization, the show is bold and innovative, and for the first time tries to turn the camera to a single group with no love experience – on the road of chasing love, everyone used to be “no talk”. I’ve been in love”, in order to record this common stage that everyone will go through, the program invites several young singles who have never been in love to present their living conditions and emotional development one by one, and share with the audience the growth process of their first love.

Due to the big difference from similar programs, “So in Love” gained huge attention at the beginning of production. During the recruitment period, more than 40,000 registration forms were received. Judging from the concept poster exposed yesterday, “I Have Never Been in Love” uses the form of creative and interesting posters to list the reasons why young people have never been in love. The program brings together “beginners” who have never been in love for various reasons and presents to the audience how they try to take the first step in socializing, and how to slowly open their hearts, so as to learn to love and express love.

Through the window of the reality show, the show uses the slogan “This road about love, I want to walk slower”, to give care to the single group – it is never too late to yearn for the beauty of first love.


Judging from the content broadcast so far, presenting the real interaction between amateur guests is a highlight. The initial six male and female amateur guests had a random match at the beginning of the show, and two groups of teams completed the initial meeting and conversation. Since then, through interactions such as house selection, conversations, and travel, it has also shown the real, clumsy, slow-burning, and easy “power-off” state of the “lovers” when they socialize. For example, when traveling together, three girls and boys have obvious boundaries to play separately. When chatting, they need to read books on interpersonal communication ice-breaking to resolve embarrassment. Of course, in addition to the “social fear house”, there are also some guests who have high expectations for love, few opportunities to contact strangers, and are in a passive state of being single reasons.

“So in Love” has added three more people to the previous number, and will select 11 mother-fetus SOLOs across the country to move into a newly created mother-dan youth commune, and start a new concept of life for 28 days. They will have 11 “anonymous” dating social experiences. The idea of ​​the program is based on the multi-dimensional reasons why the mother and child “cannot fall in love”, helping mother and child SOLOs to explore themselves, cultivate their love and grow, and breakthrough the three NOs – “things you don’t want to do”, “things you don’t understand” and “things you don’t dare to do.”

Curious about what might happen? Watch “So in Love” at OnDemand China and discover even more interesting shows in the future!

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Written by Lina Zhou

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