Hong Kong drama “Sometimes When We Touch” will be broadcasted in OnDemand China!

Keung To’s first challenge would be an exciting bathing scene!

Jiang Tao(Keung), a member of the popular boy group MIRROR, recently rushed out of Hong Kong to collaborate with Taiwan’s new-generation actors Cai Fanxi and Liu Yier on the series “Sometimes When We Touch” which was aired recently. The fantasy and supernatural themes are very special. In the first episode, Jiang Tao has a bathing scene. It caused a crowd of his fans to follow this drama! The leader Anson Lo, whose popularity has soared due to “Ossan’s Love“, also participated in the performance. Everyone missed it!

 “Sometimes When We Touch“-ViuTV and Taiwan Cooperative Campus Fantasy Drama

The original drama “Sometimes When We Touch” co-produced by ViuTV and Taiwan’s eight major televisions, starring by Hong Kong’s popular boy group MIRROR member Jiang Tao, and Taiwan’s new generation actor “Psychic Girl” Cai Fanxi, “Replica Angelababy” Liu Yier, and MIRROR members Anson Lo Lu Hanting also participated in the show. If you are a MIRROR, how can you miss it?

The drama “Sometimes When We Touch” is a collection of horror, fantasy, comedy, and moving. It tells the story of Cai Fanxi, the president of “Supernatural Sensing Society”, who drowned accidentally but was resurrected by Liu Yi’er, a guide from the underworld. However, because their intervention in life and death violates the rules of heaven, they must help 10 unwilling ghosts to lead the way within 49 days, otherwise, they will never be super born. Therefore, Cai Fanxi, Jiang Tao, Liu Yier, and others began to lead the way for the dead.

Jiang Tao’s role has great contrast

Jiang Tao played the role of a third-year overseas Chinese in the Department of Psychology. As the director of the film agency, he met Cai Fanxi because of his relationship with Kyodo. With an easy-going personality, he never refuses anyone’s request, and verbally says “Well, good!”. His personality helps reconcile the members of the “Supernatural Induction Society” and become the most reliable existence.

However, Jiang Tao’s role is not as gentle as it seems. When Jiang Tao introduced his character, he described it as “contrast, fierce, and weak.” Whenever he meets a friend who needs help, he will show his fierce side. For example, he will beat the wall to vent when he is angry in the play. Jiang Tao, who has always been an obedient person, is going to show off the dark side of the character this time. I believe there will be different charms!

 Jiang Tao develops a love triangle with Liu Yier and Cai Fanxi

Jiang Tao will have an emotional line with the heroine Liu Yier in the drama, and a group of Jiangtang may be jealous! Liu Yier, known as the “Duplicate Angelababy”, is the granddaughter of the late Taiwanese veteran artist Gao Ming. Liu Yier revealed that Jiang Tao had a confession to her, and therefore expressed that she felt that she was the happiest girl in the world. I believe that Jiang Tang will feel the same way.

 Fantasy thriller plot, realistic horror movie level, a female ghost

As a campus supernatural drama, this drama certainly has a lot of ghosts appearing in the plot! The water ghost played by Yan Zhenglan often tilts his head, which is very eerie and terrifying. In addition, Wei Man, who plays the role of the bride ghost, has been straddling the man’s shoulders and struggling, and the picture looks very strange. And during the filming, the actor also felt spiritual for a while. Wei Man said that in the main scene club office, it was taken at 3 or 4 in the morning. Even with her makeup and hair alone, she felt the space was crowded and uncomfortable, as if there were so many supernatural things, scared her to leave as soon as possible.


Earlier, with “Ossan’s Love“, the “teacher” Lu Hanting (Anson Lo) who surpassed Jiang Tao for a while, also performed: “Sometimes When We Touch“. Earlier, the full version of the MV for the final song of the two-person chorus series “Love Does Not Make Sound” has been released. Although it is the first time to sing a single in Mandarin, Jiang Tao’s Mandarin is accurate. The voices of the two are very harmonic, and they have won a lot of fans. 

The collaboration between the two MIRROR popular idols is really exciting. Why wait, go ahead and start watching OnDemand China with full English subtitles!

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Written by Lina Zhou

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