Tang Yan: Ancient Chinese goddess

Tang Yan is fondly remembered by the audiences as a “historical beauty” because of her impressive incarnations in ecstatic ancient roles.


Tang Yan is fondly remembered by the audiences as a “historical beauty” because of her impressive incarnations in ecstatic ancient roles. Tang Yan not only possesses sophisticated beauty but also has a perfect body. As a freshman, she was chosen to attend the closing ceremony of “Beijing 8 Minutes” in preparation for the 28th Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.


It’s hard to deny that Tang Yan’s beauty gives her a lot of opportunities, but they come with terrible pressures that she has to endure. However, thanks to receiving a strict upbringing from her family from a young age, Tang Yan always has a sense of responsibility and does the best she can from acting to singing.


On the other hand, because of her outstanding beauty, Tang Yan suffered a lot of gossip from netizens. But a good anvil does not fear the hammer, she has proved herself to be an all-around talented actress by being nominated for “the best actress” at the Shanghai Television Festival for her debut role. In addition, in order to improve her skills, she is not afraid to try different characters in different genres. Let’s take a look at some of Tang Yan’s typical films with OnDemandChina.


  1. My Sunshine (2015):

Tang Yan bravely challenged herself through this film, she transformed herself from a historical beauty into Zhao Mosheng – a young and beautiful girl. The film does not follow the usual Cinderella-Prince motif, Zhao Mosheng is not only stunning but also extremely rich. Besides, she is very fond of photography and the photo she secretly took of He Yichen made her fall in love with him. As a symbol of the enterprising modern woman, Zhao Mosheng constantly stalks, boldly pursues Yichen, she makes him to feel that she is annoying, but then he has changed and liked her ever since. Both of them experienced sweet love days at the University. The two of them studied together, joined the debate club together…but the happy days didn’t last long when an unexpected incident come. Will Zhao Mosheng find happiness with the person she loves or they will be separated forever? Watch this fascinating drama to get the answers you desire. Besides, this drama has brought Tang Yan many prestigious awards including best actress.

  1. The Lost Tomb ( 2015 ) :

Tang Yan has surprised the audiences by transforming into a snappy, unpredictable, and extremely sharp with the role of Ah Ning. Tang Yan is the only female lead of the film, but she is not inferior to the male stars, but also shows her skills excellently. The film belongs to the adventure and action genre, the male lead of the film – Wu Xie is an antique shop owner who comes from a family of tomb raiders. As he continues the family trade with his team of tomb raiders, he finds lost treasures of the Warring States as well as the answers to the tragedies of his family’s past. But alone, Wu Xie could not uncover the mystery of the treasure, so he formed a professional team to jointly find the ancient tomb and investigate the massacre of his family. In particular, the role of Ah Ning is very special because she is on the opposite side of the male lead but still cooperates with him on the arduous and dangerous journey. The film is full of brain-stretching scenes, choking action sequences that promise to bring viewers moments of excitement.

  1. The Princess Weiyoung ( 2016 ) :

The film is yet another historical blockbuster starring Tang Yan as a testament to her solid status for the genre. In this movie, Tang Yan excellently transformed into Li Wei Yang / Feng Xin’er. She was born Feng Xin’er – a noble princess who was predicted to carry a difficult and uncertain destiny. Unfortunately, her whole family was assassinated, only she struggled to survive. She went into exile to find a way to avenge her poor family. On her journey, she has an unexpected encounter with Li Wei Yang, the two quickly become good friends. Sadly, to save her from danger, Li Wei Yang passed away. Feng Xin’er was determined to fulfill her promise to take care of her friend’s mother, so she took the identity of Li Wei Yang to return. The beautiful princess carries a deep feud with an unfulfilled promise, will she be strong enough to continue her adventure? With an intriguing plot and a talented cast, this is definitely the drama you don’t want to miss.


Succeeding on the career path, having a dream wedding with the one she loves, everyone thinks that Tang Yan must be a very lucky girl in showbiz which is full of discord. However, luck alone cannot bring her what she has today, she always respects her career, non-stop works, always hone her skills, and refresh her image. That is also the reason why when there are more and more stars appear, Tang Yan still shines brightly, attracting media attention and receiving much love from the audiences.

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Written by Thinh Le

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