“The Best Partner” is rooted in reality and focuses on social hotspots!

In such a decent workplace drama, OnDemand China also is providing English subs for you!

The plot of “The Best Partner” is compact and without watering. There is no deliberate sensationalism, but the development of the character’s case and the plot are explained in a fast-paced dialogue. A decent workplace drama.

In “The Best Partner”, Luo Bing is a senior partner at Panorama Law Firm. He is a lawyer who cares only about winning cases. Dai Xi goes to his law firm to argue with him about her best friend’s lawsuit and by chance becomes his assistant. At first, they don’t get along, but soon they begin to understand each other, and Dai Xi’s respect for Luo Bing grows. Luo Bing also inherits some of Dai Xi’s empathy for others and learns that practicing law is more than just winning. They both grow and become reliable partners in law…

The content of this drama is very realistic, and the first two episodes already involve many problems encountered in life: plagiarism, work injury identification, sending pregnant women to run a red light, advertising words that cannot use at the highest level, etc. Due to the fast-paced plot of the premiere, many details may be too fast to absorb by the audience. After organizing it in your heads carefully, there will be more feelings. Here, the passionate Dai Xu, the objective Luo Bin, and the righteous Sai Sai have not betrayed the weak, but the methods are different. It is a blessing for ordinary people to meet such lawyers in real life.

As a legal industry drama, the characters are mainly lawyers, and the characters are mostly articulate. This is very demanding on the actor’s lines. From the first two episodes, the lines of all the actors are online, especially Jin Dong, Tian Yu, and Lan Yingying, the lines are particularly good. The lines are large, the articulation is clear, and the tone of voice is highly compatible with the characters. Zhu Zhu Dai Xu is also good. Looking forward to more exciting episodes in the future.

All actors are vividly portrayed and their acting skills are online. Jin Dong and Tian Yu’s acting skills really live up to their expectations. I just like it! The legal and political TV dramas with Chinese characteristics are not plagiarized.

Director Liu Jin introduced that “The Best Partner” has nearly 1,000 closed cases in the Ministry of Justice, and invited a professional legal team to select common livelihood cases and hot topics in people’s lives for processing and discussion, so as to run through the unit of the protagonist’s growth line The case narrative is presented. For example, copyright infringement of designers, custody of children in divorced families, elder support issues, housing property rights disputes, reputation infringement, disclosure of commercial secrets, and other common legal cases in life will be shown in the stories one by one.

What is particularly touching is that good lawyers do not litigate. One of the dialogues is particularly real and heart-wrenching, that is what Liu Yingmei said to Dai Xu. Ordinary people’s lawsuits are basically a one-shot deal, and no one wants to be entangled in lawsuits all day long. For enterprises, the rich and entrepreneurs are different. They often encounter legal disputes because of their identity and business, so they have long-term legal advisors and exclusive lawyers. They are the long-term interests of lawyers. Ordinary people have a natural weakness in confronting them. The lawyer’s position is crucial in this confrontation. Lawyers like Liu Yingmei choose to maximize their interests, either choosing a strong party or selling a weak party as a petition to the strong party.

If you are interested in Chinese dramas and Law, this one will be just perfect for you! Watch “The Best Partner” at OnDemand China with English subtitles!

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Written by Lina Zhou

19+ Ban! The first second is so exciting, pure and lustful!

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