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The Coming of Age for Hip-Hop Dance Culture in China

Under the vibrant colors of cyberpunk, a diversified street dance city displays before your eyes: Retro Roman palace, graffiti industrial style, Chinese vintage dance hall, mechanical punk arcade…

“Street Dance Of China Season 4” adopts the mode of “star tutor plus professional dancer reality show”. It has the performance mode of individual selection and team operation, forms four teams under the leadership of four captains, and carries out group dance battles among teams. This show has attracted a lot of attention in the past seasons . Recently the program team officially announced that the four star captains are Wang Yibo, Zhang Yixing(Lay), Han Geng and Liu Xianhua(Henry).

Aside from the captains, the team members are also a huge part of the show…The surprise is the newly upgraded competitive rules. According to the introduction of various programs and the registration of players so far, this season will have even more international competitors. Players from different countries will participate in the competition, including some well known hip-hop artists like Greenteck(Canada) and Rushball(Japan), who have won countless champions in their fields.

After seeing the list of the team members, I assume our enthusiasm is continuously rising. Many of my friends who are hip-hop fans are hoping that this program could be recorded and broadcast as soon as possible.

If you are not living in China currently, don’t worry, OnDemand China will have it airing 5am in West U.S times and 8am in East U.S times. Can’t wait to watch it!

OnDemand China (ODC) is the only platform that will be airing “Street Dance Of China Season 4” in North America. (5am in West America / 8am in East America)

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Written by Lina Zhou

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