The director of “Dune” praises Zhang Zhen as “a peaceful oasis in the desert”

The god-level blockbuster “Dune”! Is the film worth all the anticipation?

Many of you might have already heard of this extremely famous movie, “Dune”. The plot is adapted from Frank Herbert’s 1965 best-selling science fiction novel “Dune” of the same name in English. The movie “Dune” mainly covers the first half of the novel. Once shortlisted for the Golden Horse Awards, he also competed for the Berlin Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival, and at the 3rd Osaka Asian Film Festival “Best Actor Award” Zhang Zhen played the role of Dr. Wellington Yue (Dr. Wellington) in this film. 

OnDemandChina luckily gets a chance to interview Zhang Zhen to talk about his role in the Dune.

The story of “Dune” is set as a feudal galaxy empire in 10,191 years, and its planetary feudal is ruled by the nobles, and the nobles are loyal to the Royal Korino family. Paul, the heir of the young Duke of Atridi, and his family moved to the planet Arrakis (Dune Star). Dune Star is a barren desert planet, but it is also the only planet in the universe that produces the spice Meilan Pole. This spice can extend human life and unlock potential. Paul was therefore forced to get involved in a battle between courts and resources.

In the movie, Zhang Zhen’s character has a few lines in Chinese, which he pointed out is in the script itself. I really like this design. In a short period of time, everyone can see the relationship between Paul and Doctor Yue. He actually wanted to use Chinese to show that their relationship surpassed these (the relationship between doctors and patients). They really have their own emotions, and they have many secrets that can be told in Chinese.

Actor Zhen has not only been involved in the movie “Dune”. He also is the mean lead in a famous Chinese movie called “Savage”. The movie “Savage” has a strong lineup of stars. This time Zhang Zhen joined forces with Liao Fan, Ni Ni, and Huang Jue to star in a crime-themed plot police action movie. The story of the movie “Savage” takes place in a border town in the extreme north. A group of extremely vicious and pharaonic criminals seized gold, robbed the gold truck, and covered up all traces of crime with the help of heavy snow. In order to avenge the sacrificed comrades, policeman Wang Kanghao (played by Zhang Zhen) secretly collected evidence and was familiar with the terrain. Finally, when a catastrophic blizzard fell, he had a thrilling duel with the murderous bandits…

I’m sure now that I give hints of the plot, you are very interested in these movies. What are you waiting for? Watch “Savage” now for free at OnDemand China!

Written by Lina Zhou

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