The most deeply rooted beauties in costume drama

Which costume dramas is everyone chasing in 2021? Chasing costume dramas is to look at beautiful women.

Good looks and a good plot will definitely add points to the drama. In costume dramas, “masked beauties” often appear, most of which appear on dancing bridges with dramatic tension and beautiful dance postures. 

1. Costume Drama “Masked Woman”: Tan Songyun in “Under the Power

Tan Songyun’s masked look is super beautiful! In “Under the Power”, most of the time this summer, I wore fast or neutral clothes. I rarely dressed up as an ordinary woman. This veil also has tassels, which are super beautiful! In the play, Lu Yi and Lu Yi did not meet each other this summer. The two went to Xiaoxiang Pavilion to investigate the case. This summer, they dressed as a red bean girl and performed the song “Tao Yao”, which reminded Lu Yi of his mother, the moment he walked out this summer. Confused Lu Yi!


2. Costume Drama “woman with a veil” Chu Xuanji in “Love and Redemption”

This is the super beautiful masked beauty! Do you remember that Si Feng saw the bridge between himself and the former ninth world of Xuanji from the mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations? In the first life, he was a luthier, she was a dancer, and Xuanji danced with a veil, deliberately seducing her enemies for revenge. This scene is really beautiful! Xuanji is also rare in the play to have such a charming look, although it is only a few seconds, it is impressive. And in the end, Si Feng said, “I bet you, will you take me to heart.” What torture!


3. Costume drama “masked beauties”: Zhao Lusi plays “The Killing Of Three Thousand Crows” Tan Chuan

Zhao Lusi’s masked look in “Three Thousand Crows” is also a classic! In the play, Tan Chuan pretends to be a beauty of the Western Regions in order to assassinate Prince Li Yuan and then performs a dance in front of him. As expected, Tan Chuan’s assassination plan was seen through by Li Yuan and was unsuccessful, and her charm dance. I was also on the hot search at the time. Tan Chuan’s blue exotic look is really beautiful, with a veil still showing her lower abdomen, from a sweet girl to a coquettish beauty. Many netizens say this look is her best look in the whole show.


4. Costume drama “masked beauties” 3: Tang Yan plays “Chinese Paladin 3” Zi Xuan

Speaking of the most stunning actresses wearing veils in costume dramas, many netizens would think of Zi Xuan in “The Legend of Sword and Fairy 3”. Tang Yan was not naive and sweet, and she was not well-known in the entertainment circle. When Zi Xuan, who she starred on the stage, wore a purple veil, her grace and cold temperament felt like a classical beauty. From the innocent, cute, and innocent girl to the vicissitudes of life, mature and infatuated Nuwa descendants, this role was well portrayed by Tang Yan.

Coupled with attractive looks, it can often give everyone a deep impression. The following 10 masked beauties in the 2020 costume drama, “Liu Li” Yuan Bingyan is glamorous, “Three Thousand Crows” Zhao Lusi masked dancing is super hot!

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Written by Lina Zhou

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