The Sensational Detective-Fiction Dramas That You Can Not Miss

Detective-fiction dramas have always had great appeal to audiences. Besides, the large and growing fan base creates great conditions for this genre to thrive. With a strong cast, thrilling crime scenes, and excellent mind battles, these Chinese detective-fiction films will make you fall in love. This is a selected list of Chinese crime investigation movies that OnDemandChina would like to recommend to you. Enjoy every footage to have extremely interesting moments.


1. Ancient Detective (2020):

Jian Bu Zhi is the family’s only remaining flesh and blood. His father had a knack for investigating and solving crimes, which led to his mysterious death.

In the death of his father, Jian Bu Zhi was young. Besides, because of the serious injury, he lost his memory. However, with the inheritance of talent from his father, Gian Bu Tri went on a wandering adventure, investigating his father’s tragedy, thereby discovering the secret of his father’s death in the past.

But as he digs deeper into the malicious mystery, he uncovers a world populated by fearsome martial artists and villains equipped with supernatural powers. He finds himself with zombies, warlocks, and demons as he attempts to unmask the killer.

Fortunately, Jian Bu Zhi soon finds a number of powerful allies who pledge to help him in his quest with their wits and martial arts skills. These new friends include the brave Zhao Wo Hai, the charming Ming Yue, and the fierce female fighter Zhang Shi Qi – whose unorthodox weapon of choice is a parasol.

As they proceed with their quest, the forces of evil intensifiers – and romance blooms within the group!

Can the heroes unmask the killer? And will they find true love on the way?


  1. The Mysterious World (2019) :

A story follows a young man who joins hands with a female constable to find the truth behind a conspiracy that has tainted his father’s name.

The Tianji Twelve Palaces have been on the run from authorities after becoming embroiled in a corruption case. Determined to clear his father’s name and restore the reputation of the Tianji Twelve, young master Shen Yao enters the department of justice undercover.

Shen Yao crosses paths with female constable Wan Junling and forges an interesting relationship with her. Through their constant bickering, the two eventually develop romantic feelings.

Meanwhile, head constable Yu Changfeng starts to realize the inconsistencies surrounding Shen Yao’s identity. The young heroes grow and learn from their investigations and eventually catch the real mastermind. I guarantee that the movie will make you unable to take your eyes off of the thrilling, unpredictable scenes.


  1. The Fearless (2019):

The film is about Gao Zhihai – a gangster in the underworld. Because his father ran the funeral home, he was often treated differently by his peers as a child. After rising from the dead, he suddenly possesses yin and yang powers and is forced to take over the family business.

As a gangster, Zhihai is short-tempered, brusque, emotional, and rude. He is often hot-blooded saying words that he regrets. However, Zhihai is extremely bright-hearted, he can be intimidating but has no intention of hurting anyone, he can fight, but when he accidentally stabs someone to death in self-defense, he is obsessed with not forgiving himself.

Besides, the film also revolves around the female forensic doctor – Sheng Yin. She is very calm and intelligent. However, her attitude was colder than a corpse. But few people realize that deep inside her heart is a gentle, warm heart. Sheng Yin always cares about people around in a quiet way. Even if it is her half-younger sister.  Believing in science and evidence is the only way to find out the truth of cases. A mysterious case occurred that intertwined her and Zhihai’s fates.

For loyal fans of the detective-fiction genre, these are definitely must-see dramas. With attractive crime scenes, OnDemandChina makes sure that you will feel extremely excited and have great experiences when watching movies.




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Written by Thinh Le

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