The very “Straightfoward” “My Heroic Husband” is really not as simple as a light comedy…

The audience are “lured in”, and “My Heroic Husband” has also successfully entered the dark horse camp, becoming the most popular work in the film and television drama market these years.

Since the beginning of the broadcast, the protagonist “in-law” Ning Yi (played by Guo Qilin) ​​and his wife Su Tan’er (played by Song Yi) are running a cloth business while playing with the business world of the Wu Dynasty. Therefore, the related topics and plots in the plot have also become frequent visitors to the hot search list. At OnDemandChina, English subtitles are available for our audience!

Why did “My Heroic Husband” become a hit? In recent years, it can be said that the popularity of the text of the son-in-law has contributed greatly. But in the final analysis, “My Heroic Husband” is still a variant of the “overbearing president” story, which caters to the desire of some people to easily win success in life without much effort.

Attraction #1: Turning around against the wind to satisfy the desire for success

“My Heroic Husband is adapted from the IP of the same name as Reading. Jiang Haochen (played by Zhang Ruoyun), a business tycoon who was betrayed by his friends and got into trouble, accidentally traveled to the Wu Dynasty and became the son-in-law of the Su family, Ning Yi (played by Guo Qilin). After entering the marriage, he assisted his wife Su Tan’er (Song Yi) to play in the business world, and even got involved in the court disputes by chance, and finally achieved a great cause for the family and the country.

Like other types of online texts, the husband-in-law’s text also has a fixed story routine: a man who enters the family of a powerful woman, after suffering a life without the right to speak and being ridiculed and despised, endures the humiliation, works hard, and eventually, may be revealed to the powerful. Identity, or fully demonstrate strength and achieve a headwind. From a certain point of view, the core of the essays caters to the desire of some people in modern society for success, so it has a certain reader base.

Attraction #2: The pleasing humorous style and modern language directly poke the audience’s laughter

As a costume drama with a light comedy style, the amusing and joyful plot and humorous language in “My Heroic Husband also accurately hit the audience’s aesthetics. Whether it’s the commercial disputes between the Su family’s eldest room and the second room, the palm print dispute, or Ning Yi’s appearance at the poetry festival to defeat his competitors or Ning Yi’s study at the “Men’s College”, the screenwriter’s presentation of these stories, More emphasis is placed on the prominence of drama. This purposeful plot enhancement has also further improved the watchability of the episode so that the audience can have an irresistible look and feel.

In addition, the “reversal and reversal” of the whole drama’s plot also brings surprises and dramatic interest to the audience. The atmosphere was dignified one second, and the next second was smiling; the last moment was calm, but the next moment was deadlocked. Behind the comedy appearance, there are personal growth, business games, and emotional support. Turning the tide in a crisis, brewing dramatic tension, and changing story trends make the series interesting.

Attraction #3: Behind the jokes, the realistic thinking about equality between men and women

While bringing joy to the audience, “My Heroic Husband also arouses the audience’s thinking from a subtle entry point. From the perspective of traditional society, the “son-in-law” is the rumored doorstep. In ancient times, he gave up his surname to marry into the woman’s family and was in a humble position in the family.

As can be seen from the play, the values ​​of equality between men and women, equality between husband and wife, and equality for everyone are emphasized, as well as the idea of ​​respecting the elders and respecting the virtuous and hoeing the strong and helping the weak. Like in the first episode, the father and son of the second house bullied Su Tan’er, saying, “Since ancient times, it is the right way for women to be at home with their husbands and children, and to abide by the principles.” To suppress Su Tan’er, Ning Yi replied, “You are the rule of being a husband and a child. Are you sure? All women have to listen to you? Can’t they go out and make a career on their own?” It can be said that although “The Son-in-law” is an ancient costume drama, it is full of current mainstream dramas. Values ​​are not divorced from the actual social environment because of the subject matter. Although this work has caused some controversy and topics outside the series, the things that make the audience happy are in the series. The problem everyone was worried about did not arise.


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Written by Lina Zhou

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