Three Popular Variety Shows in 2021!

Trying to decide on what shows to watch during spare time? Don’t wait to see these ones!


1.”Relation Ship 3

“Relation Ship 3” is an observational emotional reasoning reality show. The “Love Observation Group” guesses the emotional trend through detailed observations of ordinary people getting along with each other, and outputs different emotions based on their own emotional experience and value orientation. Viewpoints provide a reference for the personal emotional behavior of netizens.

In the long journey of life, you will always meet someone who makes you feel stunned. He often stirs our own emotions, either joy or sorrow. And the accumulated emotions will eventually explode. Facing the sheep who breaks the defense and is crying bitterly, the mature Dany chooses to let the sheep calm down alone, and it is not good for multiple people to comfort him. Wen-Jun also relieved her, because the song she sang was too sensational, so she cried. In the last letter of letter, she warmly comforted the other party, “It is a girl sent by an angel to come to everyone.” Ah Xing Nuan sent a super lollipop and sang “Don’t Look At Me Just A Sheep”. Perhaps all the unhappiness and sadness are slowly released in the power of friendship. As Yi Nengjing said, “It’s okay, I’ll grow up after crying.”

2. “Shine! Super Brothers 2”

“Shine! Super Brothers” is the nation’s first comprehensive variety show with deep integration of all media. It is the first in-depth cooperation between TV stations and online platforms to jointly invest in production and promote it. It has a milestone construction significance in the domestic online variety show market. At the same time, as the first mixed-age male artist to compete in variety shows, the brothers without age limit vividly and three-dimensionally show the real daily state and brave attitude of male artists, which can be called the most popular variety show of the year.


Growing up regardless of age, chasing light never stops. The road to chasing the light in the first season has temporarily come to an end, and the journey of chasing the light in life for my brothers has just begun. The friendship, abilities, and touches gained on the road of chasing the light will be the most precious wealth on the road for my brothers in the future.

The pursuit of light has not stopped. It is reported that the brothers’ customized variety shows are already in preparation, which is full of expectations. On the basis of the ultra-high configuration and rave reviews of the first season, I believe that the upcoming second season will definitely be more exciting.

3. “Streetside Feast”

The refreshing food documentary, through the first-person perspective, seeks out a small town of dry rice, savors the delicious tastes of the rivers and lakes, and interviews the masters of the hidden world. The ultimate visual presentation, attractive eating and broadcasting pictures, and delicate character stories create a “most humane” dry meal map.

The smoke and fire in the world are the most soothing to the hearts of mortals. The most popular 7-minute meal and refreshing film “Jianghu Shiji”, from the first-person perspective of a food director, visit 15 treasure towns, interviews 30 hidden chefs, tastes 30 rivers and lakes, and leads the audience to explore the food town no matter how much delicacy you eat, you will still miss the taste of those home-made restaurants. No matter how much wine you drink, you will also think of the good time of toasting with your old friends and drinking Tuopai wine. In the first episode of “Jian Hu Shou Shi Ji”, the most popular crayfish and Tuo brand wine were chosen as the protagonists.

I believe in these three completely different categories of variety, there is at least one that you are interested in! Why wait? Watch them at OnDemand China!

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Written by Lina Zhou

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