Top 3 Novel Adopted Chinese Dramas That Are Underrated

Even if you are already addicted to Chinese dramas, you may discover something new on this list.

What’s your favorite C-drama that may not be as well-discussed or loved, and why? Whether it’s because it’s a more recent or an older drama, or may not have subtitles for an international audience, what’s a drama that you want more viewers to pay attention to?

     1. Rule the World

A story between the most beautiful woman and her romance with Huang Taiji who later goes on to establish the Qing Dynasty. It begins when Bu Youran, a novelist, finds herself drawn to the story of Dong Ge (Tina Tang) who is known as the most beautiful woman among the Jurchen people. She has been hailed as someone who can make or break a nation and becomes the center of the power struggles of many men. For political reasons, her brother presents her to Nurhaci (Jing Gang Shan) as a gift. Can a woman from modern times learn to adapt to a new life and a new romance? Can she escape what’s been written in history?


     2. The Legend of Kublai Khan

This TV show does not have the youngest and the most famous actors and actresses, however, this is a well-made historical drama that will catch your attention. In 1260, Kublai Khan defeated his brother Ali Bu, and eventually became a Mongolian Khan in Kaiping. At the suggestion of his surrender Liu Bingzhong and others, he established the Yuan Dynasty, which was a combination of the Central Plains Dynasty and the Mongolian Khanate. Shizu put an end to the state of division of the country for more than 300 years since the end of the Tang Dynasty. If you enjoy Chinese history dramas, you definitely like this!

    3. The Great Emperor In Song Dynasty

The Great Emperor in Song Dynasty is a 2015 Chinese historical TV series directed by Gao Xixi, starring Chen Jianbin as Emperor Taizu of Song (Zhao Kuangyin) who founded the Song dynasty and reunified most of China proper. However, this beautiful show is not only about palace intrigues and politics. It’s also about the love between the emperor and empress and the evolution of their relationship over the years—from their youth to their last days. The drama also focuses on the lives and insecurities of the women in the harem, and it does a good job illustrating their various motivations.


There are countless Chinese dynasty palace dramas, but these ones are worth a watch. I think we all have our favorites dramas or TV shows that stand out in our memory for one reason or another that for some reason the rest of humanity just hasn’t caught on to its amazingness. Now it would be easy to just write it off to “their loss” and forget the whole thing, but really sometimes you just got to say “Hey, this drama is good – check it out?” Watch these dramas with English subs at OnDemand China!

What do you think?

Written by Lina Zhou

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