Top 4 heart-rending Chinese dramas that shouldn’t miss

In addition to sweet romantic films, there are also tragic and heartbreaking ones with mental and physical pains.

In recent years, many sad dramas have become well-known to audiences. Although a sad drama can cause a lot of tears, the viewers are still willing to cry. This article will introduce the top Chinese films that make viewers heartbroken. You should enjoy the dramas to cry and laugh with the characters and touch the most diverse emotions.

1. Princess Silver (2019)

Princess Silver is known to be an extremely sad drama. Not only female lead, male lead but also the supporting roles suffer from their own heartbreaking pains. Among them, Rong Le (once disguised as the owner of a tea house named Man Yao) played by Zhang Xueying, is the poorest person. Being a princess, but she does not have a free, joyful, rich, and precious life. In an ignored arranged marriage, Prince Li Zongzheng Wuyou (Lee Zhiting) pushed her away, because he only had Man Yao in his heart. Moreover, her brother Rong Qi (Luo Yunxi) loved Rong Le but took advantage of her for political purposes for his sake. The actor Luo Yunxi perfectly portrayed his conflicted mindsets in this drama, attracting many fans.  Are there any pains that Rong Le has not been suffering from? The film is tragic, causing the audience to shed tears.

2. Ashes of Love (2018)

Ashes of Love is one of the dramas that collects tears from the audience. Before coming to a happy ending, the male and female lead were tormented many times. Viewers cry their eyes out at the painful death of Fire Deity Xufeng (Deng Lun). Moreover, the audiences are deeply touched by the big trade-off of Jinmi (Yangzi) to save the one she loves. The battle between the Fire Deity and the Night Deity made Jinmi sacrificed herself to prevent the worst consequences. She also disappeared and the journey of the painful “black crow” hopelessly looking for the “little peach” started. The thing that the main couple was tormented is not enough, the supporting male Night Deity Runyu (Luo Yunxi) who was supposed to be the villain role, also suffered so much that the audience feels empathetic more than hateful.

3. Love and Redemption(2020)

With 10 lifetimes and a plethora of heart-wrenching emotions, both Cheng Yi and Yuan Bing Yan have plenty of character development to portray, and they never disappoint. But while both leads are incredible, the truth is that every single actor manages to embody their character through a wide array of expressions that are uniquely their own. Actor Bai Shu, among others, really stands out as the cantankerous Flying Snake, Teng She. Every one of his scenes brings some much-needed hilarity into the mix.

4. The Killing Of Three Thousand Crows (2020)

This drama tells the love story of princess Diji. This novel is also no doubt very heart-breaking. The male and female masters have experienced the bondage of the nine births and the ninth generation. The front is still very sweet, but the more they become ill at the end, they tried their best. The love and ups and downs of the world, such a degree of abuse of heart is not lost in “Goodbye My Princess”. I believe that audiences who have watched “Goodbye My Princess” know that this drama is very sad, and they started to “abuse the audience”  before they have time. I believe “Three Thousand Crows” will be good after it starts broadcasting.


Chinese dramas are always irresistibly attractive and fascinating because of the scenes, costumes, actors/actresses in order to bring viewers the best works of art. The drama’s content is a very important factor as well. Content must be constantly updated, creative, dramatic, and charismatic. Don’t forget to find these dramas at OnDemandChina!

Written by Lina Zhou

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