Top 4 Absolute Must Watch Romance Chinese Dramas

I’m sure everyone has dreamed about their own romance, hoping that one day those fairy tales will happen in reality. On that note, here are some Chinese romantic drama series to meet your hopes and dreams

  1. Rush To The Dead Summer (2017)

Not only am I obsessed with the hot actors in this drama with amazing acting, but also I even went to read the book after watching it. The story it’s based on is from perhaps one of the most popular romantic novels and written by Guo Jingming. A bittersweet friendship and love triangle story that comes with struggles, departures, imprisonments, betrayals, and even deaths.

2. ” The Legend of Fuyao 2018”

If you are looking for a memorable and bittersweet Chinese drama to watch, again and again, the legend of Fuyao is made for you! The story is about the female lead Fuyao who evolves from a young servant to a powerful woman. During her quest to find the cure of a curse that blights her life, she meets the crown prince of Wuji and falls in love with him. Expect a lot of action, adventures, and of course an epic romance
3. Here to Heart (2018)
“Here to Heart” is a reconciled love story about Zhan Nanxian, a successful business owner, and Wen Nuan, an accomplished career woman who leaves her job and becomes Zhan Nnaxian’s executive assistant. Turns out that Wen Nuan and Zhan Nanxian were once a lovely couple in college and finally the two got together again after many twists and turns, rekindling the past romance.
4. Lost in 1949 (2018)
If you like the movie “Flipped”, you will love this one. Unlike the other suggested dramas, “A Love So Beautiful” is more of a modern comedic romance drama. The couple in this drama is each other’s childhood sweetheart and both have gone through ups and downs together since day one. It is a pure love story at the most beautiful age, taking you back to your teenage years. I don’t wanna spoil too much, but trust me, it’s truly a great drama that I myself revisited several times!

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Written by Lina Zhou

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