Top 5 Royal Palace Drama That You Must Watch


Royal palace battle is an extremely unique and attractive drama genre, the films often revolve around intrigues to compete for love and power. With splendid ancient costumes, creative and dramatic scripts, audiences are always attracted to this genre. In addition, this genre also helps many actresses become famous and enhance their position on the career path. For example Qin Lan, Sun Li, Zhao Liying,…Let’s explore with OnDemandChina some of the most classic Royal palace battle dramas.


  1. Empresses in the Palace :

Empresses in the Palace is a classic Chinese blockbuster that has caused fever in many countries. In particular, the film has been cut into 10 episodes to be released in the US. Besides, the film also received positive feedback when it premiered in the afternoon time slot in Japan. In particular, the film has created a “storm” on the mainland market and many countries. Until now, the film still attracts fans from all over the world.

The film is set in the Qing Dynasty and tells about the life of Zhen Huan from a pure and gentle lady. However, through many times of being harmed, she became sharper. When she first entered the palace, she did not want to compete for grace, but living in the harem to live in peace was not easy. After many times being used by many other concubines to suppress her and her good sister, Zhen Huan decided to participate in the tough, “turbulent” battle that took place continuously.

It is not by chance that the film became a “Chinese blockbuster”, but because the film has good content, a deep script, a quality cast, good soundtracks, and reasonable contexts and details. Empresses in the Palace is a great movie with a well-thought-out investment that you definitely cannot miss.


2.Story of Yanxi Palace :

Story of Yanxi Palace – the craze of the Royal palace battle movie genre in 2018 has really satisfied the fans. Although it was released in 2018, the film has not cooled down so far.

Story of Yanxi Palace is a story about the character Wei Yingluo that is based on a true historical pattern. She enlists as a palace maid at the Labor Workhouse to secretly investigate the untimely death of her sister, who was once an outstanding maid. With her intelligence and wits, she managed to find out the killer who killed the billion, but this person had a very large background so she could not confront him directly. That’s why, Wei Yingluo went to Empress Fuca Rongyin to rely on, becoming one of the queen’s most beloved confidants. Gradually, she was caught up in the whirlpool of fierce intrigues in the palace. Therefore, she was forced to grow up, making herself stronger. From a palace maid, Wei Yinglou gradually rose to the position of Imperial Noble Consort Ling – the emperor’s favorite concubine.

The success of Story of Yanxi Palace not only comes from the content but also from the young, extremely talented cast. the film has helped new actors such as Wu Jinyan, Xu Kai, … become prestigious stars.


  1. Scarlet Heart :

Scarlet Heart is a Chinese television series that was once a hit based on the novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua. The series tells the story of a modern-era woman, Zhang Xiao, who time-traveled from the 21st century to the Qing Dynasty during Emperor Kangxi’s reign, where she, as her previous incarnate Ma’er’tai Ruoxi. Being a modern person, she has a very interesting personality that makes her a favorite of many princes. Being loved by a talented, nobleman is what many girls secretly dream of, but here it is not one but many boys. However, Zhang Xiao is intertwined between love and fierce fights between princes.

Each prince who falls in love with Zhang xiao brings different emotions that make her fall into a dilemma. Besides, Cecilia Liu’s ecstatic transformation as Zhang Xiao has become a monument of the Royal Palace battle series. There are many scenes that become legendary in the audience’s hearts.

Scarlet Heart is a series of films that create a “new wind” because of the element of time travel (the female lead is a modern person, so she already knows history) and the battle between men (not a war between concubines). like other movies).


  1. The King’s woman :

The King’s Woman is a 2017 Chinese television series starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Vin Zhang. It is adapted from the novel The Legend of Qin: Li Ji Story. This is a historical blockbuster that is very popular with the audience in 2017. The film tells the journey of Gongsun Li who is the granddaughter and disciple of military commander Gongsun Yu. Gongsun Li is an extremely beautiful, intelligent, and very courageous girl.

When she was young, she met and rescued Ying Zheng, who then fell in love with her at first sight. When the Qin troops were attacked, Gongsun Li’s childhood lover, Jing Ke was poisoned while protecting her. In order to attain the antidote for Jing Ke, Gongsun Li agreed to marry Ying Zheng. However, this marriage is only the beginning of the difficult challenges. Gongsun Li faces palace intrigues all the time. Moreover, this is when she realized she was pregnant with Jing Ke.

Gradually, Gongsun Li realizes that Ying Zheng is really a kind person. Since then, she has opened her heart to Doanh Chinh and her life became better. But Jing Ke comes to claim his love back and assassinates Ying Zheng. Unwillingly, she is caught up in the battle between her husband and his enemies. At that moment, she understood that being the emperor’s woman was not easy.

The King’s Woman is one of the movies that is strongly invested in both context, effects and content. In addition, the beauty of the main cast is also a factor that attracts viewers.


  1. The Princess Weiyoung :

Historical blockbusters have swept not only in China but also in neighboring countries in 2016. Princess Weiyoung tells about

Feng Xin’er – a beautiful, intelligent princess with a pure innocent heart. Unfortunately, tragedy suddenly struck, her whole family was massacred. Feng Xin’er was the only survivor, she was exiled to another land. she assumed her friend Weiyoung’s identity as the illegitimate daughter of Prime Minister Li, in order to be able to avenge her own family as well as Weiyoung. In the process, she falls in love with the Emperor’s grandson without knowing his status at first. Then, she tries to rebuff him when she realizes who he is.

The film has brought great success not only because of the meticulous script, splendid costumes but also thanks to the excellent cast. At the same time, the film also elevates the actors to a new level.


All in all, each drama gives the audiences different experiences and emotions. In particular, the dramas also convey the true values of life to the viewers. Are there any movies on the list that you love? If not, please let OnDemandChina know your favorite drama in the comments section below. Besides, try to watch the movies on the list, I guarantee that you will not be able to stop watching.

What do you think?

Written by Thinh Le

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