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The 5 most interesting Science Fiction movies in current china list

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When I was young, I always imagined that there are various magicians and witches in the world. Especially after I came into contact with magical games, I was also full of interest in elves and magic. And movies with magical themes can give us a visual impact.

  1. The Legend Of The Demon Cat

“The Legend of the Demon Cat” is a costume film adapted from the Japanese magical novel “Samen Kongkai: The Ghost Banquet of the Tang Dynasty”. It tells the story of a human-speaking demon cat stirring up the city of Chang’an. The poet Bai Letian and the monk Kukai join forces to investigate and make a deliberately buried truth float. The story that came out of the water. In the heyday of the Tang Dynasty, a series of demon and evil events occurred in Chang’an City. The crazy poet Bai Letian (Huang Xuan) and the monk Kukai (Played Someya Masata) who admired the style of the Tang Dynasty met Chang’an. But it accidentally triggered a terrifying secret about the rise and fall of the dynasty spanning thirty years. With the appearance of various characters one by one, the prosperous and splendid scenes of the Tang Dynasty and the hidden pains of the times are revealed one by one, presenting a picture of the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty intertwined with monsters, poets, emperors, and noble concubines…

       2. “The Legend of the Naga Pearl

The Legend of the Naga Pearl” is a fantasy action film directed by Yang Lei. This film is its first film work. Chen Jiashang is the producer, Wang Dahua and Zhang Tianai lead the stars, and Ren Dahua, Sheng Guansen, Wang Xun, Zhao Yingjun, and other co-stars. A royal descendant of an ancient winged tribe embarks on a quest to find magical pearls. When they fall into the hands of a human, he joins a team of unlikely heroes in a race against time to prevent the destruction of his people. The film takes the land of Kyushu as the stage. It tells the story of the thief, the black feather, and the prince Heli who support each other and grow up on their journey in search of shark beads, and fight against the ambitious descendant of the feathered tribe Xuelie…

        3. “The Thousand Faces Of Dunjia”

There are the best special effects in China, the best martial arts in China, the protagonists with superb acting skills, the supporting roles with distinctive features, the righteousness of self-sacrifice, the grand theme, the neat love, and the well-proportioned appearance. There are ubiquitous traditional cultural imprints! The most important thing is the plot is well linked to each other.

Tsui Hark’s works have the charm of the older generation of Hong Kong-made martial arts films. The special effects are also very delicate. place. In terms of characters, the characters, stories, and scenes of each character are very distinct. Zhou Dongyu plays the boss, who is petite and lovely, and has strong ability, which looks very cool; Zhao Lizhiting plays Guan Xiaoge started to be weak and became very strong later; Ni Ni played the third child, a gentle character, with tenderness in the power…

        4. “Chronicles Of The Ghostly Tribe”

When giant fossils are discovered near Mongolia, a government-funded expedition is organized to analyze them. When an explosion leaves members of the excavation team buried underground, they discover a cyclopean temple and giant, ancient beasts.
For two hours, the director sincerely led the audience through the Kunlun Snow Mountain, the underwater world, desert towns, underground tombs, and other fantasy worlds. The 1,500 shots of the whole film were made with real money and silver. Each of the 15 red horns has distinct roots, and even the level of expression is meticulous when looking at Tang Yan. The appearance of the blood bat is even more amazing, and the moment of screaming drives the tension of the audience. The appearance of the undersea monster is even more breathtaking, and everything makes the audience worth the ticket price…

         5. “Jade Dynasty”

“Jade Dynasty” is an ancient costume fantasy film produced by Xinli Media Co., Ltd., directed by Cheng Xiaodong, starring Xiao Zhan, Li Qin, Meng Meiqi, and specially invited by Tang Yixin. The film is adapted from Xiao Ding’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of an ordinary young man, Zhang Xiaofan, who went to Qingyunmen through the Caomiao Village massacre.

Xiao Zhan’s eye skills in the play are very good, his emotions are progressive, and his explosive power is in place. Xiao Zhan has his own way of handling each character’s expressions and scene lines, tearing himself into pieces and rubbing into the empathy of the characters. The acting skills, the explosive power is strong, and the actor Xiao Zhan, who is truly restored, is so full of emotions. Such actual combat results are worth it!
If you are a fan of science fiction and Chinese dramas, look at OnDemandChina and enjoy all these great films!

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Written by Lina Zhou

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