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The beauties of the Chinese top actresses in Chinese traditional costumes and uniforms!!

Today, I want to talk with you about some of the historical Chinese dramas. Who is the one who impressed you the most?

1. Yang Mi’s appearance when playing Wang Zhaojun was so good, who wouldn’t be moved by her?

In 2007, Yang Mi was only 21 years old and won the selection. He starred in the costume drama “Wang Zhaojun” produced by CCTV. His work was shortlisted for the Feitian Award and the Golden Eagle Award.

One of the four beauties in China, she was completely played by Yang Mi, she is beautiful and aura, her eyes can really speak!

In the play, Wang Zhaojun was originally a young girl living in the village of the mountains. The costumes in the early stage were very simple. Now it looks a bit rustic, but it does not affect Yang Mi’s beauty and temperament at all. The whole person is wild and lively. It can be seen that her face is quite square on both sides, but her nose is very delicate and her skin is very fair. The light makeup better reflects Yang Mi’s own beauty.

Yang Mi’s acting skills at that time were more attentive than now, and the characters were very lovable. If this drama were to be broadcast now, it would be enough for Yang Mi to reverse the word of mouth.

2. Zhao Liying is full of aura, telling about the workplace drama in the palace!

The cover composition of “Wang Zhao Jun” is really beautiful, Zhao Liying in C’s position took all my attention, who said that big eyes and a small round face can’t afford a big heroine? Clearly full of energy and hilarious. Even if I was not the NSF of Hunan Satellite TV at the time, Ben Yankong would definitely watch this drama!

Looking at “Lu Zhen” now, the costumes are still very delicate, and the high appearance of the leading actors is well matched; the acting skills and CP sense of the four leading actors are also obvious to all. The full story makes the audience chase after it with relish.

It’s easy for a March drama fan to fall in love with an actor through a previous drama. Li’s appearance in Xin Huan zhu has already amazed me once. In addition to the legend of “Lu Zhen” who laid the foundation for her heroine, at that time she became one of my favorite female stars. It is gold that always shines, whether it is grateful to the nobles, or the times create heroes, her shining point is enough to support these conditions.

The legend of “Lu Zhen” has been broadcast for 7 years. Zhao Liying has become the first-line celebrity. I am about to graduate and enter society. I am lucky to be able to witness your success as I grow up. In my opinion, the power of idols has a profound impact on people. Far away, her tenacity, hard work, and unyielding determination are worthy of every grass-roots girl to learn. No matter how far away the ideal is, it must be realized with the belief of winning!

3. “Yu Guan Yin”: Sunli’s another amazing drama that is totally impressive

A delicate and insightful tale about love, career, and the meaning of life, Jade Guan-Yin details the difficult love life between a man and a woman who met at a Taekwondo training center. As their affair deepens, the man gradually becomes aware of her troubled relationships with men. Now she must come to terms with accepting her past and relying on time to cure the scars that still linger in her.

This is just a TV show, but it deeply shocked countless people. The characters in it, whether they are the leading actors or the passing group performances, all exist so vividly.

No fancy venues, no glamorous costumes, not even a touch of embellishment on their faces,
It’s such a truth, depicting such a heart-wrenching work. I like to use real cameras to capture passing vehicles, pedestrians, and geese passing overhead. I like An Xin’s pure smile at the beginning, and then mature bravery.

Among them, what attracted me the most was that An Xin and Yang Rui were in the most difficult days. This scene is performed with heart and needs to be experienced with heart. She devotes herself to her beloved anti-drug work, and she loves such a collective, organized life.


Watch all these wonderful dramas at OnDemand China and compare the different top actresses’ acting skills!

What do you think?

Written by Lina Zhou

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