Yang Mi : The Devoted Actress and The Fashion Goddess

Not only is she known as a beautiful and elegant actress, but Yang Mi also causes a fever every time she appears with her trendy fashion sense.


Yang Mi is a beautiful actress born in 1986 in Beijing. Her father is a criminal police officer, and her mother is a teacher. When she was a child, her parents realized that Yang Mi was quite shy, so they let her join an acting class. Thanks to that, she was discovered as a potential actress. She started acting when she was only 4 years old.

Not only is she known as a beautiful and elegant actress, but Yang Mi also causes a fever every time she appears with her trendy fashion sense. In recent years, her amazing airport fashion has created a lot of trends in China in particular and Asia in general.

In addition, Yang Mi’s image in the films she participated in also made a deep impression on the audiences. With an impressive look and her melancholy acting, Yang Mi left her mark with many quality works. Let me introduce some of the movies that mark the explosive success of Yang Mi’s acting career.


  1. Chinese Paladin 3 ( 2009):


A film that made a big impression on Yang Mi’s acting path, she plays the role of Tang Xuejian / Xiyao – a lady with a beautiful appearance, stubborn but extremely kind personality. She is always by the side cheering and helping the male protagonist wholeheartedly. This is a classic character in everyone’s mind, Yang Mi’s acting skills are naturally praised by the audience and she also received a large fan base. It can be said that this film has made the name Yang Mi knew, which is the foundation for her future career development. Besides, the film also created a new trend in the line of Xianxia film adaptations.

2. Beijing Love Story (2012):

In this drama, Yang Mi’s character – Yang Zixi is described as a spring girl that is full of vitality, she always carries forward-thinking in her mind and positive energy. Yang Zixi works in a fashion magazine, she is gorgeous, stylish but unlucky in love. After breaking up with her boyfriend, she started dating a rich guy. Until she was abandoned by him, she regretted it and wanted to go back to the old one. Unfortunately, the person she loved fell in love with another girl… Moreover, through this role, Yang Mi brought herself the Most Popular Artist award at the prestigious 26th China TV Golden Eagle Award.

3. Swords of Legends (2014):

 Yang Mi plays Feng Qingxue – a beautiful girl who comes from a world of boundless darkness, but her heart is pure and warm like the sun. Obeying the order to find her brother, she came to the mortal world, met Baili Tusu, and got caught up in an arduous fate. She soon developed feelings for Baili Tusu. In the end, Baili Tusu turned into an evil spirit that could not be reincarnated forever. In order to find a way to meet him again, she gave up her reincarnation, in exchange for long life, and persisted in searching for 900 years in mortal life without regretting it. The film was a resounding success, creating another brilliant milestone on Yang Mi’s acting path.


With her unremitting dedication, Yang Mi will definitely continue on her successful path in the future. Ondemandchina will also update Yang Mi’s latest projects and fashion trends, so please always follow and support her with us.

Written by Thinh Le

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