Yang Zi: the Queen of “Chemistry”

With this role, she is fondly called “the nation’s daughter”.

Yang Zi is one of the Chinese actresses with many years of experience and has been known since the age of 5. With her attractive, methodical, and acting skills, she is always appreciated by the audience and professionals. She played many supporting roles until she got the role of Xia Xue in the sitcom “Home with kids”. With this role, she is fondly called “the nation’s daughter”.

Over time, Yang Zi’s beauty has blossomed. She soon became the new beauty of Chinese cinema. However, she does not hesitate to roll out to prove that she not only has an outstanding appearance but also has increasingly progressive acting. The proof is that she is establishing a solid position in the entertainment industry through a series of works that are sought after by the audience.

Besides, it’s hard to deny that watching Yang Zi’s movies, everyone feels that she brings a very genuine and sweet feeling to her male co-stars on screen; the feeling of the couple is extremely strong. Her chemistry and connection with her co-stars have contributed greatly to the success of many projects that she participated in. Let’s take a look at some of the various movies with amazing ”chemistry” by Yang Zi and her co-stars.

  1. My Mowgli Boy (2019):

After the huge success of Go go Squid!, this is Yang Zi’s next film. Everyone is concerned that she will be under a lot of pressure due to the large shadow of the previous film. but Yang Zi has proven the ability of a talented actor by completely transforming from the image of the previous film. Yang Zi plays Ling Xi, a beautiful, luxurious but somewhat “bossy” fashion designer next to the innocent, lovely male lead. With Yang Zi’s professional acting along and the amazing novel script with many layers of meaning in life values, this is a film not to be missed among the works with her participation.

  1. The Destiny of White Snake (2018):

This film is seen as an important milestone in Yang Zi’s career. In this movie, Yang Zi plays Bai Yaoyao, a white-snake demon, fortunately, accepted by the Holy Mother of Mount Li as a disciple. She then entrusts Bai Yaoyao to Xu Xian to teach her. After 200 years, Bai Yaoyao turned into a human, she was always inseparably attached to Xu Xian’s side. Somehow, she fell in love with him without knowing when. And Xu Xian, with a stern and cold nature, also becomes infatuated with the lively and lovely girl Bai Yaoyao. Unfortunately, fairies-demons are not on the same path. To be together, the two had to try to overcome many challenges. This drama brought the “Web Drama of The Year” award and helped Yang Zi gain more support from the audiences.

3. Ashes of Love (2018) :

2018 can be considered as a successful year for Yang Zi, the previous film has not cooled down yet, she has participated in an extremely attractive film project “Ashes of Love” with the role of Jin Mi, a goddess who grows up in the Flower Realm. Her mother dies after giving birth to Jinmi. Her mother also foresaw a prophecy that Jin Mi will suffer a great love trial within the first ten thousand years of her life. Therefore, before dying she gives Jinmi a magical pellet that prevents her from feeling and expressing romantic love. As time passed, she always harbored weak spiritual power in her heart because she was unaware of the fact that her mother had sealed her true power. Until Jin Mi had an unexpected meeting with the male lead – Xufeng. Where will fate take her? Will she be able to discover her true identity? Will she find the true love of her life? Watch the movie to get the answers and enjoy the diverse emotions that the film brings to the viewers.

With her constant efforts, Yang Zi has achieved the massive success that she deserves. Hopefully, in the future, she will bring more quality movies to audiences. Are you curious who is the next male actor will be paired with her? Stay tuned to OnDemandChina for the latest news about Yang Zi.

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Written by Thinh Le

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