“Yi Dai Hong-Shang” is expected to become a dark horse

If a man does not value the book of nature, he will get very little from the generosity of God – Jan Fay Cooper, “The Last of the Mohicans”

Since the beginning of this year, there have been a lot of high-quality and good dramas in my country’s domestic drama market.

It is not limited to a small family in the Zhou family. Instead, it tells the 50 years of changes in our country in a small way, so that we can feel the changes in society from the perspective of the Zhou family. And in recent years, the TV series broadcast by CCTV is basically very good, and they also have a special pattern, so many viewers are still very optimistic about the TV series broadcast by CCTV, and now CCTV has brought a very good one. The potential TV series “Yi-Dai-Hong-Shang


It is reported that this TV series will be scheduled for Yangba, and then broadcast on March 27, and from the name, the main description of this TV series should be Hongjiang businessmen. Many viewers should have watched a lot of TV series about Shanxi merchants and Hui merchants in the past, but this time, this TV series chose Hongshang, which many people do not know very well, which will undoubtedly arouse the curiosity of many viewers, can’t wait to see the difference between them and other merchants.

The trailer is very textured

Now, this drama has also released some trailers about this drama, and many viewers who have watched the trailer also have a very high affirmation of this drama. Judging from the appearance of the actors, in this drama, The appearance of the characters is still very good, with a sense of age, and it is also very suitable for the characteristics of each character, even in the details. Because it is the period of the Republic of China, everyone’s costumes and the design of factories and docks have also been restored.

Many viewers who have watched the preview can have a lot of associations with the show from these flashing pictures, and have a better understanding of the content of the show. And this drama started shooting in 2018, so many of the plots will definitely be more realistic when they are designed, unlike many current film and television dramas that often use some routines when shooting. In addition, this drama will be broadcast on Central Eighth, so it must be a drama that conforms to the mainstream theme, which is very educational.

The main content of “Yi Dai Hong Shang”

The background of the story of this drama is in the period of the Republic of China. It mainly tells about some grievances between the two big families, and from the trailer, many people have seen that the two big families were gambling on oil from the very beginning. Moreover, this is not a simple gamble, but it is also mixed with the life of the family and the honor of the family, so this gambling game should be very exciting. However, with the continuous turmoil in society, the two big families also began to plan for their own families.


Like a TV series that will be broadcast on the Central Eighth, many audiences should have very high expectations for him. After all, this drama does not use some traffic stars excessively but instead invites more old people. The bones of the show, so at least don’t worry too much about the actors’ acting skills. I only hope that this drama can do well in other aspects so that this drama can live up to the expectations of the audience.

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Written by Lina Zhou

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