Zhao Liying : From a smalltown Cinderella to the movie star

Do you know Zhao Li Ying? She is not only a star but also an incomparable actress.

Zhao Liying is a Chinese actress born in 1987 in Hebei. She is known by the audiences through her diverse roles, along with her gorgeous, gentle, and elegant appearance. However, many people will be very surprised by Zhao Liying’s background. She is from a purely agricultural family, it was a bit difficult when her father worked as a local police officer, and her mother had small groceries in a remote countryside. After graduating from high school, Zhao Liying started working to earn a living and help her family, at that time the dream of entering Cbiz was a myth and vague for the young girl.

Fortunately, in 2006, Zhao Liying won the Search Star Game organized by yahoo and she was signed with an entertainment company so that she could pursue her passion for art. For a long time, Zhao Liying struggled with small supporting roles in countless films with different genres, even though she did not have much land to show her acting ability. But she is undeterred and sees this as an opportunity to practice and gain acting experience.

It was not until 2011, Zhao Liying with the role of Princess Qing’er in New my Fair Princess helped step up a new ladder in her career. Since then, she has continuously brought high-quality products that have attracted the great attention of the public so that they have called her the Queen of ratings as if to recognize her as the guarantee of a successful film.

If you haven’t watched any of her films, you should start right now because she has been in a lot of wonderful films. Let’s take a look at the films that are diverse in genres and attractive in terms of content that have made Zhao Liying’s name famous.


  1. BOSS AND ME ( 2014) :

In this film, Zhao Liying plays the role of Shanshan who has just graduated from university with an innocent and pure personality. She was accepted into a large corporation to work because of her special blood type. After that, a series of unexpected and romantic situations between her and the company president has happened. In addition, the film also portrays a resilient Shanshan who is always trying to improve himself and help those people around her. This movie has brought Zhao Liying’s career to a glorious page, she officially became The Golden Eagle Goddess.



Success after success, this is a blockbuster film that shocked not only the Chinese but the whole of Asia. The film also brought Zhao Liying many great awards. The journey of flower is about Hua Qiangu, a girl born with extraordinary strength but also has a tragic fate. Besides, the film revolves around the difficult love story of her and her master.



Zhao Liying plays the role of Minglan – the most unloved daughter in the family. From a very young age was not respected by her father, the sisters took advantage of the opportunity to bully her. Life is really hard for such a little girl, behind the high walls and wide doors hide the unexpected dangers. However, she was always energetic, try to improve herself. Finally, with her intelligence, she became a figure of great influence on the glorious prosperity of her family.


As we can see, most of Zhao Liying’s characters are very resilient and independent just like her in real life. She may be a pretty Cinderella because of her appearance and background, but her fairy godmother has never shown up and cast spells to help her. It was all due to her hard work and dedication. Therefore, stay tuned with Ondemandchina to support and update the latest information about this modern Cinderella.

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Written by Thinh Le

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