Zhao Liying’s new drama is here: “The Story Of Xing Fu”, The red wedding dress photos are full beauty

Just after the publication, it became a hot search, and the audience has stabilized

But after years of tempering, Zhao Liying’s temperament has become more and more outstanding. Every recent appearance can be beautiful in the hearts of the audience, and it has also successfully washed away the adjective “outdated”. Under the circumstance that his temperament is already outstanding, he can still show the “earth” that the TV series needs. It can be seen that Zhao Liying’s acting skills should be very powerful, which also makes people look forward to the broadcast of this TV series even more.

Since entering December, the mainland TV drama market seems to have exploded. TV dramas of various themes have been officially announced to be broadcast one after another. For a while, everyone did not know which drama to watch. Among the several TV dramas that were launched, “Who is the Murderer” starring Zhao Liying is very popular. This drama has attracted many people with its high-energy plot, and the amount of topic discussion is also high.

“The Story Of Xing Fu” is a rural TV drama, and it is also a key support project of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. Therefore, this drama has been produced with great care.

“The Story Of Xing Fu”not only has a strong creative team, but also has a strong cast. In addition to Zhao Liying, young actors such as Luo Jin, Tang Zeng, Cao Zheng, and Zhang Keying joined in one after another. In addition, the play also invited Liu Wei, Wang Zhifei, Feng Lei, Song Jialun, Zhang Xiqian, Chi Peng, Chen Wei and many other veteran actors. This cast lineup can be described as luxurious.

Judging from Zhao Liying’s participation in “The Story Of Xing Fu”“, we can actually find Zhao Liying’s courage to transform and try different types of roles. Previously, her roles were mostly youth idol dramas, and the audience was also young people. But as you get older, if you keep playing such roles, you will undoubtedly consume yourself, and it will also make the audience feel aesthetically fatigued and leave the impression of being young.

Judging from the relevant Reuters photos, trailers, and character posters, this is a TV series with the theme of the theme. It is reported that this drama has been selected as a key support project of the State Administration of Radio and Television earlier, and it is a TV drama that fits the current theme and positive energy in terms of theme and plot. In addition, director Zheng Xiaolong and screenwriter Zhao Dongling are also in charge of this drama, the quality of “The Story Of Xing Fu” is beyond doubt, and the trial is completely within the predictable range.

In all respects, “The Story Of Xing Fu” is a TV series at the “Bomb” level. Looking at the past, the ratings of the dramas that the Central Eight received this theme are generally not too low. In the end, everyone can predict what kind of ratings “Happiness in Ten Thousand Homes” will get in the Central Eighth.

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Written by Lina Zhou

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